Toby’s last Puppy Class!

Tonight is the Tobmonsters last puppy class. We have been using Richmond Dog Obedience Club, which is alright. The class was a bit larger than I expected, and while he learned a lot, its hard to really justify how much we could have taught him on our own. I think the biggest benefit was a lot of the ‘take home’ documents ( and emails) that we got for games, lessons, and more.

I also got a chance last night to play around with my 50mm lens and got a few good shots of toby playing with a rawhide bone. I added the pictures to the ‘Calm Toby?!’ set on flickr. The orangish hue is due to the incandescent bulbs in the bed room and me not adjusting the white balance on the camera. I actually think they help some of the shots to make them a bit more dramatic. I also really liked the depth of field I was getting in some shots (much smaller than I thought), and can’t wait to use this 50mm lens more.

Listening To: ‘This Ain’t The Summer of Love’ by BOC


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