A new post, but not here

I just posted a new post over on Tumblr about just being able to buy professional tools doesn’t make you a pro. There’s no real reason I posted it over there than over here, but that may become more common. Years ago I made the move from Blogspot to WordPress, and while I don’t want to ‘move’ everything again, WordPress has just become ‘too much’ for me. In these days of posting quick messages to twitter, I rarely even feel like blogging anymore. WordPress has now morphed into what more feels like a great CMS, which just isn’t what I am looking for.

So as a note, if you still follow me here, you may also want to keep an eye out for me on Tumblr, as well as Twitter.


My First 10k

This past weekend was the 11th Ukrops Monument Ave. 10k. I’ve wanted to do this the last few years, but never got around to it, until this year. While I really wanted to run the whole thing, I was happy to just finish it.

I started training a little bit late, towards the end of January. I was starting to get up to speed, but towards the beginning of March, I started feeling a lot of pain and had to back down on my training. But last week, I managed to do my own personal 10k on Thursday, 2 days before the actual race.

Saturday morning I got up quite early, met up with friends, and headed down to VCU (where the race was starting). I ran into a few friends, saw a bunch of interesting people, and then got ready to start. I moved down from my running group down to the fastest walking/jogging group.

I was amazed by just the number of people there. For as far as you could see up and down Monument, people were everywhere. I posted a little to twitter during the race, as well as took a few pictures along the way. Towards the end I decided to pick up the pace and finish the last mile and a half running. My final time was just over 90 minutes.

Overall, I can’t wait to do this again, and do better. But even with what I did do, I managed to loose a few pounds, get into a good rhythm of going to the gym, and finishing something I had not done before. Im going to keep up with my workouts (except for obsessing about the distance), and hope to do much better next year.

Tech talk moving back

I started another blog almost a year ago, Jon’s Tech Talk, mainly to help separate more personal stuff from more technical stuff. Well, with only a few posts over there in the last year, compared to the decline of blogging here, I think I may just shut the other down.

Honestly, In the last month or so, I have really been trying to pick this up again, and have been enjoying it. But the idea of having this stuff all over the place just over complicates things, and not worth the hassle. That, and over the last year I have even had people that actually read this page ask where some of the more technical stuff went.

So that blog may be shutting down soon, and may repost some of the posts here. Ill start talking about tech here more as well.

Snow pictures, news, and things to come

This winter has been long and cold, and record snow amounts in Richmond. Anyone that knows Richmond knows that even with a threat of snow, the place shuts down. Almost the entire month of January we were covered under snow, with two weekends back to back bringing a foot each.

This did give me a chance to get outdoors and try out the new T1i with some snow pics, which you can see by clicking the picture above or just going directly to the set here.

But I have to be honest…I’m really tired of taking pictures of the snow. Its a beautiful time, but im ready to really have some fun with this camera without having to adjust for over-exposure or such a solid color.

Otherwise, there is quite a bit going on. I recently celebrated my 27th birthday, which was amazing. We ended out having a few friends over for a potluck dinner, and everyone had a great time. I’ve also been doing a ton of stuff at work – all of which is paying off and still fun as ever to be involved with. Finally, I have been playing a ton of video games. I finished Assassin’s Creed 2 (and the first DLC) as well as Modern Warfare 2 shortly after they came out. I have been playing Left4Dead 2 quite a bit as well. But more recently, I picked up my copy of Gears of War (the first) recently after letting a co-worker borrow it, and finished that (its a rather short game). Currently I am playing Gears of War 2, which is so much better than the first, and a really great game.

Recently, I also have been getting quite a few post ideas that I would like to share soon. I have a few things I want to write about software development, some home projects, as well as some general thoughts I have been having, especially when it comes to online communication. While I don’t want to set a timeline on these – I do have a growing list of ideas, I can’t wait to share them.

2009 – My Year In Review

2009 really was a blur to me, it was over before I really knew it started. But as time seems to move faster as we get older, I still had a great year! Looking back at my post last year, I feel great about getting a few things done that I wanted. I’ll write more about this years plans below.

Some events this year:

  • We did a little bit of work to our house, by redoing our hardwood floors in January.
  • We had Deborah’s mom take our puppy Toby to live with her. We still get to see him all the time, but we don’t have the room that he needed at our house.
  • I started (and stopped working) for Alexandria.com. While I was happy to be back in geodomain projects, it really wasn’t working out the best.
  • I launched my own project, gamingtweets.net, which stayed running for a few months but did not take off. It was awesome to learn some PHP and become more comfortable with the Twitter API.
  • Celebrated 4 years of marriage with my lovely wife.
  • Deb’s had surgery around her birthday on her knee. I had to doctor her for a few weeks for her to get better. Now, about 4 months after surgery, she is better, and doesn’t have any pain anymore.
  • We also celebrated 10 years of being together, which is CRAZY. We started dating in high school, and still in love!

I feel this year is going to be awesome. I have a few plans:

  • Doing some renovations on our bathroom and kitchen
  • To sign up for an iPhone Dev account, and actually make something!
  • To read more. I feel like I don’t read enough, and starting to miss it.
  • To help more – I want to continue to reach out to others and help where I can.
  • Become more involved with my friends/family/others.
  • Be more active in my Masonic lodge
  • Have a fun time.

Christmas and the beginning of a new year!

2009 was mostly a blur to me. While there was a ton of crappy things that happened, we actually had a decent year, it just went by so fast. I plan on doing a 2009 recap (similar to my 2008 recap) soon.

Christmas was great for us. This year, we tried to get much nicer gifts for friends and family, and it really paid off. Everyone was very happy, and we got to put some serious thought into what we gave everyone. We also got some very nice stuff, including new bedroom furniture and money towards a remodel coming this spring.

For ourselves, we picked up a Mac Mini that is hooked up to our main TV. Its mainly acting as a media center, hosting videos, music, tv shows, and various apps for streaming media (like Hulu, College Humor, etc). We are also using it as a VM Server, and a general use server. I will be writing more about this in the future.

Our new years was amazing too. We got to hang out with a great friend we don’t get to see so much anymore (since she lives out of town). It was great to catch up, talk about old times, and about life in general. We didn’t even watch the ball drop – we just watched everyone cheering and celebrating outside of Penny Lane Pub (where we went to ring in the new year).

We have spent most of this long weekend cleaning and clearing out. I listed a few things on ebay, and hope to list more as this week goes along. I also listed a few things on Craigslist as well. I worked on much more in my office – and will post pictures and info soon about this as well (since its about 90% done).

That’s about it on whats been going on durring this crazy busy holiday season – but expect me to post more soon. Im starting to get a little more interest in posting here again – which always helps!

Is this really coming down to a monthly post?

I continuously neglect this page, but really have no excuses. From those that I knew actively read my site at all, we all talk through Twitter or other means mostly now. And as I mentioned a few months ago, I have been messing with Tumblr a bit as well. But part of me wants to post here more often, just to speak whats on my mind or share some knowledge. But enough with the usual ‘oh my goodness i haven’t bloged in so long’ notes…what have I been doing?

  • A few weeks ago, Deborah and I hit a huge milestone: We have been a couple for 10 YEARS now.
  • Work is amazing, and I recently hit my one year mark of being there.  Its amazing how fast it went by, and I’m still as excited as the first day there.
  • The project I started and launched this summer, GamingTweets.net, is going offline. While the ‘learning’ part of the project was a success, the actual usage of the site was a failure. It got little to no traffic, and without a large amount of work (mainly even more publicity), it was never going to sustain itself. Not surprisingly, I think that (in exception of some clients), most twitter-focused sites have less than year lifetimes as well. When going through a bunch of ‘read these some day’ posts in Google Reader, ranging over 2 years, about 80% of those projects no longer existed.
  • I have been keeping sharp with ASP.net on a few various other projects, but glad to be able to spend some personal time on other personal projects.
  • I bought a Canon Rebel T1I kit, and got rid of my XTi. Costco was having an amazing deal on the camera and kit lens, a 55-250 IS lens, a case, and a bunch of other goodies. I have yet to really work with this camera yet, but will post when I do.
  • Picked up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on launch day (after work), and just finished it last night. What an amazing game.
  • About to make some major changes in our home office, including:
    • Picking up a new desk
    • Finally becoming completely Mac, since we barely use our PC anymore.
    • Extending our iMac to use our 22″ Samsung display as well.
  • Ive been working on a Media Center / Home Server idea for a while now. Leaning towards possibly picking up a Mac Mini running Plex, and then some external disks.
  • Been mostly home-bodies otherwise, since Deb’s has been recovering from her surgery about two months ago. She’s back to walking normally, and we hope by Christmas she should be able to even go hiking/biking, etc.
  • I also started my first Cocoa/Obj-C app, that is letting me learn UI components, but also working with XML parsing and possibly even iPhone development. More on this later….