The tale of the missing Toby

Well, this week sure started off interesting (but to any that may be concerned, Toby is home safe and sound now).

Debs and I went out to dinner with a few friends on Saturday, and while out, her mom called and left a voicemail, with a slightly sad attitude. Once home we called her back, and got the bad news…

Toby had run away a few hours ago.

We were shocked. We knew something like this was bound to happen, and discussed what we could do, how it could have happened, and how it’s actually better that he ran away at his new house than when he lived with us (we live on a busy road, and it would have been a lot more dangerous). From what it sounds like, he managed to jump up on some chairs on the deck, and then jump off the deck down into the yard (though, we are not sure if he jumped to the steps first – if he didn’t he would have fallen ~12 feet).

That night going to bed was sad. We both had dreams that he was barking on our front porch (after walking about 15 miles). But nothing all day. Since Monday was a holiday for the kids, some of the nieces and nephews spent hours looking for him, but no luck. I created a flyer that night, as well as made a posting on Craigslist and mentioned it on twitter as well as Facebook (which was seriously retweeted about 3o times, which is awesome). Her mom had also been in touch with vets, the pound, animal control, and everyone she could to alert about Toby.

Mid afternoon Tuesday, I got two calls from Debs about 15 minutes apart. I was in a meeting, so called her back when done, and immediately found out that he had been found! This was about 48 hours after him being gone!

He was found by  a lady wandering around two subdivisions over. She drove by, then turned around when she noticed him just looking lost. From what we heard, she opened her car door, and he jumped right in and laid down. She took him to the pound, who then contacted her mom. The cool part is that earlier that morning, we had sent the pound a link to my flickr photos so they could have some references of what Toby looked like.

We didn’t get a chance to see him that night, but did visit on Wednesday. Her mom wanted us to try to cheer him up, since he was very quiet and odd. We figured most of this was due to exhaustion, not eating, and just being scared out of his mind. We examined him and got him to start reacting to more people.

Her mom took him to the vet the next day, where we got a full report. He was still covered in ticks (one of her brothers had already removed 10-15). He also had a bunch of grass seed in his eyes, which was hurting him quite a bit. His nose was also rubbed down from just trying to sniff against the ground so much. I took a few pictures and posted them to Tumblr. The vet gave him some antibiotics as well, and expects him to be almost fully back to normal next week.

Funny enough, we found out that when he went out for a walk the day after being back, he managed to get loose of his leash. But this time, he ran right back through the yard and sat on the steps :).


Hanover Dog Park with Toby!

With yesterday being such a beautiful and wonderful day, we took a break from all the housework to go see Deborah’s mom and Toby. They have been going up there almost weekly now, and it was great to be able to join in. It was also great seeing Toby, who has still grown a little bit since we had last seen him (almost a month ago)!. I was able to take a few pics on the iPhone, I didn’t have my other cameras with me. But after the trip we took (down rt 301 and rt 54), I saw quite a few places I would like to go back to and take some shots.

You can view the set over at flickr.

Blogging more about owning a home

Almost 2 years ago, I started writing quite a few posts about our entire process of home buying in the Richmond, VA area. Some of these posts actually got quite a few hits, helped a few people out doing the same thing, and even helped us make quite a few decisions!

Since then, we have been so busy, with life, work, and more – that we haven’t focused as much on the house as we should. Yes it stays clean and organized, but we have delayed so many projects due in the past due to my busy work schedule or Toby.

Now that we have a bit more time (and more focus), we are starting up some new home projects, even this week durring the Christmas holiday. I started today buy updating our 2 year old ‘to-do list’, marking off complted projects, updating tasks, etc. ( I will post more about this later ). But durring all of this work, I plan to continue blogging about progress under a new merged category, Home Ownership.

Toby is still leaving, but staying close!

Toby was supposed to have a meeting with the Richmond SPCA today for tests, etc. We also were supposed to meet one final person interested in him as well.

But just an hour ago, Deborah’s mom called and told us that she would be taking him in! This means that he is still around when we want to see him, and that he is going to a great home. Hes going to have 2 other dogs to play with, as well as a few cats (which he loves). He has spent a few days at her moms house before, and we are so happy that this opportunity opened up!

We also plan first of next year to donate some money to the Richmond SPCA. They are an amazing group of people, and while we have yet to meet them in person, we are so happy that they were still there in our time of need.

Freelancing, work, and life!

Life’s been pretty busy for the last few weeks as I get adjusted to a new job (and new schedule), the holidays are fast approaching, and making changes on this site! I have a few drafts that I started putting together to post in the next week or so from things I have learned, and some of my new projects!

  • The new job is amazing. I get to work on cool software with a cool language, and have a fun time doing it. Im still getting up to speed on quite a few things, but already making progress on quite a few of my tasks.
  • My work on is coming along nicely, especially thanks to Deborah, for working on some hotels in her free time. I plan on spending some time this weekend on it, and creating a plan of execution in the short term. Im hoping we can launch around the first of next year!
  • I have a new personal project im starting up ( a forum ) but haven’t had much time to invest into it – more on that later.
  • I’m freelancing to make some extra money. I actually didn’t expect it to be this easy. I already have clients coming to me by word of mouth, and I haven’t even advertised myself yet. Im mostly doing development, SEO work, and just helping people find a web presence,  so if you are interested, PLEASE contact me! I just finished my first large project!
  • This should be the last weekend with Toby. We actually have 2 more people interested in him, and he also goes and meets with the SPCA on Monday.
  • While I wanted to start really learning PHP and Perl, it looks like Cocoa/Objective-C may be first. I went to my first Richmond Cocoaheads meetup last night, which was awesome. While im VERY new to cocoa (the last time I really programed on a Mac that wasnt BASH scripts was with MPW and C++ console apps.
  • Many parties and other events going on this weekend and next week, all the way through the holidays. I hope to take tons of pictures, this time of year is always so beautiful.

Listening To: ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ by Led Zeppelin

Rest of the site coming together (and more updates)!

Its been a long week, but things are finally calming down a bit. First of all, Toby is back with us again. The lady I mentioned in my previous post kept him for a few days, and then had let him go. We then tried another lady my aunt worked with, who only gave him 2 hours (seriously, what the hell!). Finally, he spent the night at another possible new owners home last night, but her dog and him were not getting along that well. So finally, we are going to be looking into some Beagle Rescue Groups and the Richmond SPCA.

Otherwise, we have been keeping REALLY busy. We picked up a new desk the other day, and moved around some stuff in our house. Basically, our spare room and office swtiched, giving us a much larger and more useful office. We are also bringing my old PC back up online (with a new 22″ display) so we can get more work done as well. Ill actually be creating a new post on this when its complete!

I spent some time with the site this long weekend as well. As you may have noticed, the theme on this blog has changed a little, as well removing some pages. All this has been moved out of the blog and back up to the top of the domain It would be nice to have it all on one platform, but I couldnt figure out the best way to manage my gallery as well.

I also uploaded quite a few albums up to the new gallery install. Ill be highlighting these on the front page as well over time.

Over time, I really plan on building out the stuff ‘outside’ the blog more and more. Im starting to dabble in random projects, and would like to have a central place to highlight them!

So long toby!

While we hated to do it, we had to get rid of toby. We loved him dearly, but we felt that he needed a better life. We both work full time and have a rather busy life, and felt terriable that we had to keep him in a crate for hours on end. It’s been such a sad weekend, but we know he now has some of the resources we could never provide him. He is still local, and will be visiting him soon once he settles into his new home.