Snow pictures, news, and things to come

This winter has been long and cold, and record snow amounts in Richmond. Anyone that knows Richmond knows that even with a threat of snow, the place shuts down. Almost the entire month of January we were covered under snow, with two weekends back to back bringing a foot each.

This did give me a chance to get outdoors and try out the new T1i with some snow pics, which you can see by clicking the picture above or just going directly to the set here.

But I have to be honest…I’m really tired of taking pictures of the snow. Its a beautiful time, but im ready to really have some fun with this camera without having to adjust for over-exposure or such a solid color.

Otherwise, there is quite a bit going on. I recently celebrated my 27th birthday, which was amazing. We ended out having a few friends over for a potluck dinner, and everyone had a great time. I’ve also been doing a ton of stuff at work – all of which is paying off and still fun as ever to be involved with. Finally, I have been playing a ton of video games. I finished Assassin’s Creed 2 (and the first DLC) as well as Modern Warfare 2 shortly after they came out. I have been playing Left4Dead 2 quite a bit as well. But more recently, I picked up my copy of Gears of War (the first) recently after letting a co-worker borrow it, and finished that (its a rather short game). Currently I am playing Gears of War 2, which is so much better than the first, and a really great game.

Recently, I also have been getting quite a few post ideas that I would like to share soon. I have a few things I want to write about software development, some home projects, as well as some general thoughts I have been having, especially when it comes to online communication. While I don’t want to set a timeline on these – I do have a growing list of ideas, I can’t wait to share them.


At least it made it to work!

I had to take our truck to work today. While at 272,000 miles it still runs great, it took me 30 min to get most off. I hate being short, was a pain to reach half of the windshield!

First real snow in years!

The last ‘real’ amount of snow we got in Richmond was December 2005, with a little over 4 inches of snow. Before that, it had been a few years as well. While Richmond gets really crazy weather, we don’t get much snow anymore. This is a major difference, because through middle school and high school, we had plenty of snow days!

The snow started last night, and at the time of this posting its still snowing (supposed to stop in the next couple of hours). So far (at least at our house) we have recieved at least 6″, closer to 8″ plus right now. Deb’s work was closed last night, while I didn’t find out about mine until 6 AM.

I was able to take a few shots last night and this morning, and plan to take more once I can actually get outside so the camera doesn’t get messed up.

This is also my first try of using iPhoto ’09 Flickr syncing.

Finally, Church Hill People’s News has a post for people sharing their snow photos around Richmond!