Christmas and the beginning of a new year!

2009 was mostly a blur to me. While there was a ton of crappy things that happened, we actually had a decent year, it just went by so fast. I plan on doing a 2009 recap (similar to my 2008 recap) soon.

Christmas was great for us. This year, we tried to get much nicer gifts for friends and family, and it really paid off. Everyone was very happy, and we got to put some serious thought into what we gave everyone. We also got some very nice stuff, including new bedroom furniture and money towards a remodel coming this spring.

For ourselves, we picked up a Mac Mini that is hooked up to our main TV. Its mainly acting as a media center, hosting videos, music, tv shows, and various apps for streaming media (like Hulu, College Humor, etc). We are also using it as a VM Server, and a general use server. I will be writing more about this in the future.

Our new years was amazing too. We got to hang out with a great friend we don’t get to see so much anymore (since she lives out of town). It was great to catch up, talk about old times, and about life in general. We didn’t even watch the ball drop – we just watched everyone cheering and celebrating outside of Penny Lane Pub (where we went to ring in the new year).

We have spent most of this long weekend cleaning and clearing out. I listed a few things on ebay, and hope to list more as this week goes along. I also listed a few things on Craigslist as well. I worked on much more in my office – and will post pictures and info soon about this as well (since its about 90% done).

That’s about it on whats been going on durring this crazy busy holiday season – but expect me to post more soon. Im starting to get a little more interest in posting here again – which always helps!