Simplify Media is amazing!

After Debs and I recently switched over to AT&T and got our iPhones, I cleared out a lot of my gadgets to help pay for the ETF and the new iPhones. One thing that I let go of was my less than a year old 80GB iPod Classic. For the first time ever, I was able to carry my entire music library (around 50GB right now) with me.

I can put my music on my iPhone, but randomly selecting music just doesn’t fit for me, and I always end up shuffling through everything. But I then heard about Simplify Media! And by the time I got around to installing it, the iPhone application had also come out!

Using the built in sharing features of apps like iTunes and WinAmp, Simplify Media allows you to create accounts and share libraries from remote machines. And better yet, you can have up to 30 friends share your content as well. So I always have Simplify Media running on our home iMac, and share my library with a few friends. I also can then stream my entire library to my laptop at work!

One of the only problems I have noticed so far is iTunes on the PC and connecting on our somewhat slow T1. Between every song, there is usually a 20+ second gap ‘connecting to stream’. Once I switched over to WinAmp, all works great, and it even loads my library faster.

I also can now have my entire library on the go through the iPhone! It can stream through WiFi, 3G, and EDGE, and not to bad either. I have had a few problems with it not finding all of my friends libraries, but I honestly haven’t used it on the phone much. Most everywhere I would really need it I have my laptop, or music that I really plan on listening to already on the phone.

I really recommend you check this service out, and if you are friend or family and want to share, let me know!

Listening To: ‘To Sheila’ by The Smashing Pumpkins

Apple’s biggest Beta Test yet…

Im sure plenty of people have heard about the ongoing issues with the new iPhone 3G as well as the iPhone 2.0 software in general. The 2.0.1 update is right around the corner and should address a lot of this, but its still not coming fast enough.

Even last week, Apple released iTunes 7.7.1, which had ‘various bug fixes’. Well, who knows what it actually changed, and things still aren’t just right.

Take Applications for example. The whole process is easily handled if you buy an app on your phone or on the computer, and seems to sync just fine. But what about Application updates? I don’t know if I am the only one seeing this, but iTunes doesn’t seem to understand if you updated the application on your phone or not, and will still recommend you install the update.

Another issue I noticed yesterday was iTunes handling of updates. Im always anxious to check out new things, so I was excited to see the following when starting up iTunes the other day.

Awesome! I have an update. So I click on the button, and then get this page…

Huh? I thought you just told me I had an update?! I’ve restarted iTunes, my iMac, and even checked the App Store on my iPhone. No updates yet, just iTunes won’t let go of the idea that there is one, somewhere.

I love my iPhone, and I love my Macs. But please Apple, your scaring me. While I have seen some dirty nasty stuff from Apple, its never on the general consumer side. This makes me feel like I’m using some sub-par OS *cough* Vista *cough*!

Update! So I wrote this post around 6pm eastern. Well at 7:30pm eastern, iPhone software 2.0.1 is now available! Updating now!

CD Burning Issues wth a Samsung CDRW

Well, I was putting together a playlist of the Death Cab of Cutie songs I had for Deborah, since I thought she would really like them. I would try to burn a CD, and iTunes would take up 100% CPU. I originally thought it was this Multi-Plugin I have been using. Well, it wasnt its fault (but I still could not find the ‘right’ way to uninstal that plugin either).

Well, after a little more research (on the error code 4820 it gave me), I found this on Apple’s website. While it does say that its for Sony drives, it did work for my Samsung. Im not sure what speed I did actual burn at afterwards, but for a 4 minute song it was def. between 10-20 seconds :). A nice step up from my old 16x one!