Starting to tear the place apart…

Just over a year ago, Debs and I bought our first home together. We looked around, switched Realtors, looked some more, and ended up actually purchasing her sister-in-laws childhood home in the Laural Park area of Richmond (RIGHT outside lakeside, where we both grew up). Now that things are calming down (and im clearing up my priorities anyways), I plan on writing a bit more about this. So today I created a new category just called ‘home ownership‘, which I plan to document some of the things that we have come across with owning a home, as well as documenting my process of updating, renovating, and/or destroying parts of our home.

Since moving in, we have not done much. We painted the entire house, cleaned up the yard, and ran network cable from the office to the den. We have been mostly in a planning phase, trying to figure out what we want to do to the Den, Kitchen, Bathroom, and which order to start them in.

After shopping around some, planning out a time frame, and estimating some costs, we decided to start in the Den. The den is a pretty decent size room (12 x 20 ft), that is actually an extension to the house (built only 10 years or so after the house was built). One of our favorite things of this room is the exposed brick wall from the part of the ‘original’ house. That will be staying, but we will be removing the drop ceiling and installing sheet rock (and possibly recessed lighting), carpet will be installed on the disgusting fake wood tiles, and depending on how things look after removing the drop ceiling, we may replace all the cheap walls with new sheet rock as well. Redoing the walls will allow us to add some extra insulation and remove the layers and layers of wallpaper!

This week has been dedicated to clearing out this room. We moved some couches last night, as well as some tables and other random things. Tonight may include moving the remaining couches in the den as well as unhooking the TV and Stereo equipment. That leaves Thursday and Friday to start popping out ceiling tiles and unwiring the drop ceiling.

Listening To: ‘Burn’ by Nine Inch Nails