Nine Inch Nails Live: They just keep getting better

Last week, Debs and I went to our second Nine Inch Nails show, this time at John Paul Jones arena in Charlottesville, VA. Those who know me know that i’m a pretty big NIN fan (have been since I first heard the Downward Spiral years ago, even though mom didn’t like them). I was pumped to see that they were coming back to Virginia again, and after the first concert a few years ago, we had to go again.

This time, I brought my camera. And our seats were 100x better. I was able to snap off a few shots on our little SD1000, some of which came out pretty good! I also recorded a few videos as well, trying to get some of the really cool special effects that were used.

Trent knows how to perform, and he knows that a concert is not just about the music, its about the presentation as well. In the last concert they used similar screens, but this time they were more interactive. As you can see in some of the videos, the lights would pulsate to the music. The video above is from ‘Ghost Piggy’, which as the name states, ‘Piggy’, but under more of the Ghost’s theme and mood.

Words can not nearly explain just how awesome this show was. So check out the NIN set over at flickr. And if Trent and Co are coming anywhere near your town, you need to check them out!

Listening To: ‘Apple Tree’ by Wolfmother