Google Chrome – Its just another browser!

For those who don’t know, Google released its first entry into the web browser arena, Google Chrome. Right now its only available for Windows, with Linux and Mac clients on the way (they actually have one of the developers of Camino on board working on the Mac port).

Obviously the twitterverse/blogospehere went up in arms about ‘WTF, no Apple port now, comeon, google!’. My response – who cares? Those who know me (and those that dont who read this blog should know), im a huge Mac fan, and have been a Mac user for almost 15 years. Im SURE that 95% of the people complaining have used a mac for LESS than 5 years.

Chrome is nice, and I like it. Its pretty fast, and a lot faster than IE, Firefox, and Safari on my work laptop. I havent tried installing it on my Vista VM at home – theres no use. I havent switched over to it yet as a full time brower, but I have used it for a few hours straight to replace FF as my normal browser.

The technolgy behing the platform is amazing. A new VM for Java, Gears installed and working by default, each tab has its own memory block, and more. The best yet, its open source. Google KNOWS they live on the internet, and built a tool to operate with the web today, not the web its competitors have been working with in previous years. This alone, is brilliant.

I hope for this browser to go far and do well. And I hope when it has its first good round of updates, i may even look into swtiching over to it as a full time browser. For those who want to mess with bleeding edge tech, i recomend you checking it out. But for those of you who really dont care (they just know the internet is that little E thing on their desktop), its honestly not worth checking out.

Finally, I will be posting soon about my feeling with the whole Browser/OS/Phone platform wars soon. Its funny how people get so built up about their platform being the king of all, when your just using another device.

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