Moving away from Flickr, and moving to MobileMe and Facebook

I know it has been forever since I have posted much here. And of course with it being the beginning of the year, I would love to make a resolution to post here more – but that would just be stupid. There are a lot of things that are on my mind that I would like to share, so hopefully I can make more time to share more here.

But I did want to make a post about how I am moving away from Flickr. There is nothing wrong with Flickr (other than its owned by yahoo), but I no longer feel like paying for a Pro membership, and want to try using MobileMe and Facebook more.

In the years that I have had a Flickr account, I really don’t use the social aspect of it. I love knowing how many views my photos are getting, and having streams of photos from others, but I really don’t spend much time on the site. After moving to MobileMe for mail, contacts, and more – I decided to start using the gallery feature as well too.

And for the social aspect of my photos – many of the people that would comment on my photos don’t have a Flickr account, and I usually connect with them on Facebook anyways.

My plan for now is this: Everything is going to be posted to MobileMe. If I think it would be useful to be posted on Facebook as well – then I will.

You can find my MobileMe gallery at .

You can find my Facebook photos at


Over the mountains and through the woods…

It’s been almost 10 years since I last mad a trip to my grandmas house in Meadows of Dan, VA. We used to go there quite a few times when we were kids, but every time we recently tried to visit up there, something would come up. My wife had never been there (and we have been together for almost 11 years)!

Well that changed last weekend when my wife and I went up there with my dad and his wife, as well as taking one of our close friends. The drive to and from wasn’t bad at all, with the weather being near perfect in VA right now. It was quite interesting to see how things had changed over the years. Many more stores than I remember, so many more things to do, and even the drive was more enjoyable.

We ended up visiting quite a few places, including:

I posted a bunch of pictures over on Flickr from various parts of the trip.

San Francisco Panoramas

I finally got a chance to process many of the shots I took in San Francisco into panoramas of the city. You can view all of them on my flickr page, under the tag ‘panorama’.

Looking East from Alcatraz into the bay

Exercise area outside Alcatraz, Golden Gate Bridge in distance

Alcatraz island from Fisherman's Wharf

San Francisco skyline from Alcatraz

Fisherman's Wharf and Ghirardelli Square

Testing out the Raynox DCR-250 Macro Conversion Lens

Thumbtacks on cork board next do our desk (click for more on Flickr)

In the February 2010 Popular Photography Magazine, their ‘You Can Do It’ column – titled ‘Breaking Point’ –  they covered a close up shot using a sound trigger, flash, and macro conversion lens ( I tried to find it on their website, but could not). This lens was the Raynox DCR-250 conversion lens, that gives you 2.5 times magnification, and attaches to most lenses (it will work on the 3 I already have).

I have always been interested and amazed with macro photography – but it can be very expensive, especially for an amateur like me. But when I saw the price of this conversion lens – less than $60 – I decided to try this out. My dad sent me a few bucks for my birthday, and this would pretty much offset the cost of a new toy.

I took a few shots around the house tonight, without any setup. I pretty much walked around the house, using whatever available light was there, and took shots of things I thought would look cool close up. I was surprised, because in some cases, I didn’t feel like this conversion was doing much. But in other cases – I was amazed by the cool results I got with no setup whatsoever.

I plan on taking tons more photos with this little adapter soon. Especially with spring right around the corner, I think there will be some amazing opportunities with trees and flowers blooming, as well as insects coming back around.

Photos from Butterflies LIVE!

This past Saturday we decided to get out and enjoy some of the amazing weather we have been having in Richmond (except for right now – as I write this, its nearly pitch black and downpours and lightning everywhere).

It was great to see all these butterflies on top of the amazing blooms already at the garden. I was able to get quite a few great shots and really work on some macro shots with my XTi.

You can see entire set on Flickr here.