Source coming to the Mac?

I just posted something quickly to my Tumblr account that everyone should check out. Rather than writing a long post, I will wait until after ‘the announcement’, but this could be pretty awesome for people like me (Mac users, who also love games).


New Duke Nukem: Forever info!

Today, the guys at 3DRealms gave everyone a little present.

A trailer, with in-game play, of what Duke Nukem currently looks like. I think its amazing. Of course no one can really say if the 10 YEAR development cycle has been worth it, but I sure like the way it looks.

For those who dont know, my middle step brother, Rob, works for 3DRealms as a developer, and is actually working on this game. I can’t wait to see what stories he has to share while hes back in town for the next few weeks (of course, I can’t share them here though…).

I embeded the tailer below from youtube.

More links are available for other info going around online right now about this…

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Metroid Prime 3: Corruption – Review!

This is the third, and final chapter in the Metroid Prime series. The first two games were released for the Nintendo Gamecube. With Metroid Prime 3, this games and its controls feel like it was completely developed for the Wii  rather than just porting the previous two games from the Gamecube to the new system.

I picked up Corruption the afternoon it came out and played for a couple hours to start getting used to the controls. While I have not gotten really far at all (im just shy of two hours in and just completed my real second mission), Im really loving this game.

The graphics are truly amazing. Being one of the very few games on the Wii that take Progressive Scan (making the Wii display in its max 480p glory) and widescreen (In a 16:9 ratio, perfect for our 52″ widescreen), this truly enhances game play. There were times where I just wanted to look around the environment to see some of the awesome actions, explosions, physics, etc. Cut scenes are rendered very nicely too, and I never felt like I was having to sit around waiting for game play.

Controlling Samus is really easy, and just flows. I felt that at times the controls were too sensitive though. When fighting the first boss, I kept moving around slow at times and then speeding up, not noticing what I did different with the controls. I also felt that in some fight scenes, I was not able to move nearly as fast as I thought I should be or was previously able to.

One of the biggest new features is actually outside of the game. While you are playing, you gain points from killing enemies, scanning items, and accomplishments. When you are not playing the game you can go to the “Extras” menu and redeem these points for various other rewards. These rewards include Music, Concept Art, and even Mii Bobble Head Dolls. Im not sure how much (if any) of this content is available outside of the game. For example, I would really like to be able to somehow save the songs I won to my SD card, and then copy them to my computer.

The game also uses WiiConnect24 to allow you to link with your friends. If you have other friends with the game, you can connect with them and share these accomplishment points. I have yet to do this, since I dont know if anyone else has the game yet.

In the end, this is a pretty amazing game. I am looking forward to writing more about the game as I finish more accomplishments or get much further. But if you are looking for a new game for the Wii that is not only a real demonstration of what the system is capable of, but also one of the best game franchises from Nintendeo yet, please check out this game. Ive always been a huge Metroid fan, and this game is the best yet!

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Latest Wii Update adds keyboard support!

I finally got around to turning on my flashing Wii Saturday to run a few updates. I have to say, the Wii is a little faster launching channels after the update (one of the supposed fixes), but other than that, the new shopping channel and the tacky clock are not that thrilling. One thing that is pretty exciting though is limited keyboard support!

I have yet to try this, but it sounds pretty interesting. Though, I don’t really know why they didn’t enable this in the Internet Channel. While it is nice to be able to search names of Virtual Console games when shopping, I would have much rather preferred to be able to type in web addresses and make blog posts (without having to point at the letters!).

The other big update was a ‘Metroid Prime 3’ Channel, that really only shows some videos. While the videos were nice, I still think it was a weird way to present this new game. We should get a free level or a sample of game play!

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Wii Forecast Channel today!

While I was on my lunch break today, I saw in my blogs that the “Forecast Channel” for the Wii was released this morning. When I went downstairs to check the Wii, it was glowing with this new message as well! At the bottom of the message you can click the button to run the update, which starts the update for you. The update took only about 3 minutes to download, apply, and let me start it up.

Once getting into the new channel, you first tell it your state (they call it region), then city (Richmond was on the top of the list when I clicked on Virginia). After checking the date on your system, it displays the temperature, forecast, and a few other things. I also took a few minutes and played with the globe feature. This allows you to work with something that looks JUST like Google Earth. You can spin the globe around, and then see the weather all across the world!

In the end, its nothing that special, but still fun to play with!

But, some of the best news was released today as well. On friday, the ‘trial’ version of Opera for the Wii will be available. This basically allows you to surf the web on the TV. It also opens the possibility of adding more games, by using certian sites like WiiCade. I also plan to test it out on some internal stuff, like hosting some type of iTunes/web music interface. Ill post any information I find out on this as I get to it!

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Playing with the Wii!

I just finished uploading quite a few pictures to my flickr page, including the pictures I had from a few of our wii get togethers so far. You can click the photo to the left or click here to check the photos out. I like a few of them where I used the flash and have some stop-motion of people in mid-swing or mid-punch. Let me know what you think! Ill add more pics to this set over time as well!

By the way, I really think its time for me to move up to a Flickr Pro account. I would like to have more sets to help organize my photos, as well as access to older photos as well. The only thing holding me back is that I really would prefer to host them in Gallery still, like I used to…but I dont know of anywhere that has ‘Gallery’ hosting. If you have seen such a place (or can lend me some space), PLEASE let me know! I also have not determined if I would prefer to use Fotki or Picasa Web.

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