Back Problems

Ill start our my 3-post set of catching up with everyone by talking about one of the major events that has happened more recently. After having all my Insurance stuff fixed up, I decided to finally see a chiropractor for all of the back pain that I have been having more of recently.

After some x-rays, thermal scans, and electrical scans, we saw a few problems. Some muscle action around my lower back and neck. Thermal scans showed the same, but the x-ray’s gave us the real answer.

My neck is to straight to start off with. Most necks are curved, to help absorb shock from carrying your head around. The reason I keep having a stiff neck and weird headaches is because of this. The second issue I have been having is that my pelvis is not level, but shifted to one side. I also have a few verterbre that are not lined up just right, but not to bad off. Both of these can be fixed with a few months of treatment, and really make my life much better :).

The last one was a pretty big shocker though. I have a fractured spine! One of my vert. in my lower lower back has a slght fracture on one side. This can not be cured, but doesnt really change to much either.

After hearing all this, my first question was “Doc, how long do I have?!!?!?!”….but its really not that bad. If anything, my pain should be going away more and more. I will have to start doing more things like sitting right and moving, and stop doing things like running and stuff for a while 😦

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Yeah I did watch the game. We had a great party down in southside. Had some REALLY good food too. Unf, I was really tired and my head was killing me as the night went on. While im not a big sports fan, the game was good to watch, but again, the ads really sucked (most of them). I just cant wait till next weekend when the Daytona 500 is on 🙂

Also, this friday is my birthday! there will be party festivites at our appartment, more details to come later. Im thinking we may actually do it Saturday night, since debs has to work early that morning.

This week in the meantime, just really busy at work. Also prob. flying back to Charlotte in two weeks or so. Debs also has a photo shoot next wednesday for pictures. We also have finished the invitations, have almost all the invitations, and just need to get them printed now. This should be done by the end of the week too, and then we will have to get an army of friends over to help is pack all the invitations.

Hope to buy parts to the new machine tonight, so we will see how that goes. I still need to send the other Motherboard out for its RMA.

Lastly, please keep the Dobb’s family in your prayers. Michael was the guy shot downtown near carytown the other night, that they aired on the news after the game. I grew up with him, they used to live really close to us.

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Updates on the computer…

Well, I still need to send the MoBo off. But in the meantime, I have started really looking into my options. They are as follows…

1) Buy a Mac Mini – would love to, and great price, but so close to being outdated.
2) Buy a new iMac – Even better, and still ok on price, but the first run. I remember back in the day when the 68l/PPC change happened…and I do NOT want to be using the first run of ANYTHING.
3) Buy a new, “pre”built PC – Cheap, and nice…but crappy warranty.
4) Rebuild PC again, with better stuff – Get a new PSU, MoBo, and Proc….as well as some other stuff maybe. Use my current case, DVD, floppy, etc.

While 1 and 2 are VERY good looking (oh how I would love to use one as well as my powerbook, and have everything sync beautifully)…they are not the best. Im leaning the most towards #4.

For about $500, I can go with a low end ASUS MoBo, Antec PSU, and then a high end AMD 64, AMD 64 x2, P4, or Pentium D. WIth not going with the fastest of any of those procs, I could get a little bit better of a MoBo, as well as maybe some more RAM and a Graphics Card. Then throw in a CDRW or DVDRW, and really good to go.

What would make me more happy? I really dont know. Id love to have a Mac, really. I could do it too. But to get the Mac I want, its either going to cost mucho dinero, or im going to have to wait another year or more.

When the Dell blew up, i did this (rebiult), but with these cheap parts. I plan on using some better stuff, as well as faster, and stay happy with a PC. Then, once more money is built up, possibly get another computer eventually….but we will see. I could then easily turn this one into a Media Center or something…

Since I am still kinda new with this building thing, my brother is helping me out on what is good, and whats not. Im hoping to get the stuff ASAP, rebuild the machine and get going again. Then just sell the old Proc and Mobo. I also think im going to backup everything on that current 120GB drive I have, and start fresh.

Master of the Obvious

After a really really crappy start to the week, I got a nice little laugh today.

Deborah IM’d me and said “Whats a dialog box, and how do I close it”. I said “just hit an ok button or something. I really dont understand what you are saying though, send me a screen shot…”.

And this is what I got…



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Burnt Food

So im down here in charlotte. Bill left yesterday afternoon, and left me with some homework i guess you could say. Some daunting, but easy tasks. I decided to skip the dinner, so I could go ahead and get the work done, get back to the hotel, and relax.

Well, get back to the hotel. Talk to a few people. Try to find somewhere thats open this late on a Monday ( I swear, uptown is empty at night). End the end went to this place called Champions, which is actually just a few blocks away. I was starving, but just got a burger and some fries.

Get my food. Burger actually looks kinda good. And then this weird beeping starts going off. Next the bartenders say “either pay now or we will hold your card, but everyone needs to go outside now!” Hah, luckily they had brought my food, i just had the lady box it up, and had a nice dinner with my powerbook.

I fly back to richmond tonight. First thing to do is tear apart that peice of crap…get the serial number, and get that motherboard replaced. Its going to be differrent using my powerbook for a while. But i think its going to be nice too :).

Ill be back in Richmond tonight.

piece of crap


In less than a year, my stupid P.O.S. PC died.

For the last week, the machine would fully lock up. This wasnt a windows crash, this was a low-level hardware issue…NOTHING worked. Well, Friday it did this a few times. Saturday, it did it once. So, I reboot. Well, try. The machine locks up when trying to init. the second IDE bus (what my CDRW and DVD drive is on). Then the lovely smell of plastic burning.

Crap, so my CDRW bit the dust. Oh well, we will take the cable out, and boot again. Maybe.

My keyboard and mouse isnt working. At all. So I can only boot into linux, but cant log in. WTF?!

So, fiddle with it some more. I can get the keyboard to work. But no other USB device. No other mice, no hub, no iPod, nothing.

Luckily I have my trusty old Powerbook. This thing is getting a hell of a workout 40 hours a week already, and for the meantime, its going to have to be my lifeline again. When I get back in town, ill send the mobo out for warranty work, and poss pick up a new Power supply. Throw this hoopty PC back together, and hopefully it can last me a few more months. After talking to debs, we will hopefully pick up a new PC after the wedding, or better yet, a new Mac (unless tax returns are VERY good). If we go with a Mac, that means ill finally switch BACK again. Its going to be different, but nice. That does mean no more Windows development (well, maybe, ill prob keep this old machine around). Honestly I think thats the only thing holding me on a PC.

BTW, Im leaving richmond too. Ill be in charlotte for the next two days, I come back Tuesday night.

New Toys

So, I returned the extra iPod I got for Christmas. After quite a bit of thinking, we took it back to the apple store. I was really close to buying a Mac Mini…but I dont want to get it when it will be upgraded for def. within the year with something MUCH faster.

I picked deborah up another armband for her shuffle, as well as a new case for mine. My mom gave me a great one, made of leather, but it was hard to use when working out. So I picked up a nice one from Marware, that has a ton of different features.

I also picked up one of the new universal docs. its got a IR sensor in the front for the apple remote. It also has S-video and audio out so i can hook it up to the stereo or TV downstairs (cept I already have an Airport Express streaming music downstairs).

Im still looking to get some speakers for my desktop upstairs, and I dont know what else. I dont really want/need those iPod speakers. Man how I wish Apple still made a PDA 🙂

Im really itching for some type of Media Center machine downstairs…i wish i had the money to build a new PC or something. I would like to possibly set the server up downstairs to do the same thing. Record TV would be nice, but not needed. Moreso is some small gadget that would let me display on the TV what the tracks were playing from upstairs. Basically just have a machine that picks up on an XML feed or something, and then format it and display it on the TV. Then just turn the tv to one of the inputs, and there you have it. I may write something that would do this…just need the approval to set a machine downstairs, or find something MUCH smaller.