Moving away from Flickr, and moving to MobileMe and Facebook

I know it has been forever since I have posted much here. And of course with it being the beginning of the year, I would love to make a resolution to post here more – but that would just be stupid. There are a lot of things that are on my mind that I would like to share, so hopefully I can make more time to share more here.

But I did want to make a post about how I am moving away from Flickr. There is nothing wrong with Flickr (other than its owned by yahoo), but I no longer feel like paying for a Pro membership, and want to try using MobileMe and Facebook more.

In the years that I have had a Flickr account, I really don’t use the social aspect of it. I love knowing how many views my photos are getting, and having streams of photos from others, but I really don’t spend much time on the site. After moving to MobileMe for mail, contacts, and more – I decided to start using the gallery feature as well too.

And for the social aspect of my photos – many of the people that would comment on my photos don’t have a Flickr account, and I usually connect with them on Facebook anyways.

My plan for now is this: Everything is going to be posted to MobileMe. If I think it would be useful to be posted on Facebook as well – then I will.

You can find my MobileMe gallery at .

You can find my Facebook photos at


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