Kitchen Remodel – Introduction

After being in our house for over 3 years now, we finally got around to remodeling our kitchen. When we purchased the house – it was something we always wanted to do. We never really liked the way the room looked – everything was white (which gets really dirty), falling apart, and dated. Since my wife works with a local homebuilder, we were able to work with some of their contractors to help us through the whole process.

These posts are going to be posted in sets. Part One will cover our planning. Part Two will document our demolition (which we did), and Part Three will be about the prep and installation of everything. Im planning on posting these back to back over the coming week or two.

I have already posted pictures to my flickr account of the whole process. I plan on taking a few more pics soon now that even more stuff is ‘in place’, as well as do a little better job at lighting (most of these were shot quickly while in the middle of stuff).

The whole project was rather overwhelming – and we are glad its done. It took 2-3 months to do everything (and about 2-3 weeks of not having a real kitchen). But we could not be happier!

More posts soon!


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