My First 10k

This past weekend was the 11th Ukrops Monument Ave. 10k. I’ve wanted to do this the last few years, but never got around to it, until this year. While I really wanted to run the whole thing, I was happy to just finish it.

I started training a little bit late, towards the end of January. I was starting to get up to speed, but towards the beginning of March, I started feeling a lot of pain and had to back down on my training. But last week, I managed to do my own personal 10k on Thursday, 2 days before the actual race.

Saturday morning I got up quite early, met up with friends, and headed down to VCU (where the race was starting). I ran into a few friends, saw a bunch of interesting people, and then got ready to start. I moved down from my running group down to the fastest walking/jogging group.

I was amazed by just the number of people there. For as far as you could see up and down Monument, people were everywhere. I posted a little to twitter during the race, as well as took a few pictures along the way. Towards the end I decided to pick up the pace and finish the last mile and a half running. My final time was just over 90 minutes.

Overall, I can’t wait to do this again, and do better. But even with what I did do, I managed to loose a few pounds, get into a good rhythm of going to the gym, and finishing something I had not done before. Im going to keep up with my workouts (except for obsessing about the distance), and hope to do much better next year.


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