Testing out the Raynox DCR-250 Macro Conversion Lens

Thumbtacks on cork board next do our desk (click for more on Flickr)

In the February 2010 Popular Photography Magazine, their ‘You Can Do It’ column – titled ‘Breaking Point’ –  they covered a close up shot using a sound trigger, flash, and macro conversion lens ( I tried to find it on their website, but could not). This lens was the Raynox DCR-250 conversion lens, that gives you 2.5 times magnification, and attaches to most lenses (it will work on the 3 I already have).

I have always been interested and amazed with macro photography – but it can be very expensive, especially for an amateur like me. But when I saw the price of this conversion lens – less than $60 – I decided to try this out. My dad sent me a few bucks for my birthday, and this would pretty much offset the cost of a new toy.

I took a few shots around the house tonight, without any setup. I pretty much walked around the house, using whatever available light was there, and took shots of things I thought would look cool close up. I was surprised, because in some cases, I didn’t feel like this conversion was doing much. But in other cases – I was amazed by the cool results I got with no setup whatsoever.

I plan on taking tons more photos with this little adapter soon. Especially with spring right around the corner, I think there will be some amazing opportunities with trees and flowers blooming, as well as insects coming back around.


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