2009 – My Year In Review

2009 really was a blur to me, it was over before I really knew it started. But as time seems to move faster as we get older, I still had a great year! Looking back at my post last year, I feel great about getting a few things done that I wanted. I’ll write more about this years plans below.

Some events this year:

  • We did a little bit of work to our house, by redoing our hardwood floors in January.
  • We had Deborah’s mom take our puppy Toby to live with her. We still get to see him all the time, but we don’t have the room that he needed at our house.
  • I started (and stopped working) for Alexandria.com. While I was happy to be back in geodomain projects, it really wasn’t working out the best.
  • I launched my own project, gamingtweets.net, which stayed running for a few months but did not take off. It was awesome to learn some PHP and become more comfortable with the Twitter API.
  • Celebrated 4 years of marriage with my lovely wife.
  • Deb’s had surgery around her birthday on her knee. I had to doctor her for a few weeks for her to get better. Now, about 4 months after surgery, she is better, and doesn’t have any pain anymore.
  • We also celebrated 10 years of being together, which is CRAZY. We started dating in high school, and still in love!

I feel this year is going to be awesome. I have a few plans:

  • Doing some renovations on our bathroom and kitchen
  • To sign up for an iPhone Dev account, and actually make something!
  • To read more. I feel like I don’t read enough, and starting to miss it.
  • To help more – I want to continue to reach out to others and help where I can.
  • Become more involved with my friends/family/others.
  • Be more active in my Masonic lodge
  • Have a fun time.

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