Is this really coming down to a monthly post?

I continuously neglect this page, but really have no excuses. From those that I knew actively read my site at all, we all talk through Twitter or other means mostly now. And as I mentioned a few months ago, I have been messing with Tumblr a bit as well. But part of me wants to post here more often, just to speak whats on my mind or share some knowledge. But enough with the usual ‘oh my goodness i haven’t bloged in so long’ notes…what have I been doing?

  • A few weeks ago, Deborah and I hit a huge milestone: We have been a couple for 10 YEARS now.
  • Work is amazing, and I recently hit my one year mark of being there.  Its amazing how fast it went by, and I’m still as excited as the first day there.
  • The project I started and launched this summer,, is going offline. While the ‘learning’ part of the project was a success, the actual usage of the site was a failure. It got little to no traffic, and without a large amount of work (mainly even more publicity), it was never going to sustain itself. Not surprisingly, I think that (in exception of some clients), most twitter-focused sites have less than year lifetimes as well. When going through a bunch of ‘read these some day’ posts in Google Reader, ranging over 2 years, about 80% of those projects no longer existed.
  • I have been keeping sharp with on a few various other projects, but glad to be able to spend some personal time on other personal projects.
  • I bought a Canon Rebel T1I kit, and got rid of my XTi. Costco was having an amazing deal on the camera and kit lens, a 55-250 IS lens, a case, and a bunch of other goodies. I have yet to really work with this camera yet, but will post when I do.
  • Picked up Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 on launch day (after work), and just finished it last night. What an amazing game.
  • About to make some major changes in our home office, including:
    • Picking up a new desk
    • Finally becoming completely Mac, since we barely use our PC anymore.
    • Extending our iMac to use our 22″ Samsung display as well.
  • Ive been working on a Media Center / Home Server idea for a while now. Leaning towards possibly picking up a Mac Mini running Plex, and then some external disks.
  • Been mostly home-bodies otherwise, since Deb’s has been recovering from her surgery about two months ago. She’s back to walking normally, and we hope by Christmas she should be able to even go hiking/biking, etc.
  • I also started my first Cocoa/Obj-C app, that is letting me learn UI components, but also working with XML parsing and possibly even iPhone development. More on this later….

2 thoughts on “Is this really coming down to a monthly post?

  1. Yah, im not doing anything with the 3 I still have, and already canceled another one, plus another site. I have the time, I have just lost interest in a bit of it, or not catching on like I wanted with others.

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