The tale of the missing Toby

Well, this week sure started off interesting (but to any that may be concerned, Toby is home safe and sound now).

Debs and I went out to dinner with a few friends on Saturday, and while out, her mom called and left a voicemail, with a slightly sad attitude. Once home we called her back, and got the bad news…

Toby had run away a few hours ago.

We were shocked. We knew something like this was bound to happen, and discussed what we could do, how it could have happened, and how it’s actually better that he ran away at his new house than when he lived with us (we live on a busy road, and it would have been a lot more dangerous). From what it sounds like, he managed to jump up on some chairs on the deck, and then jump off the deck down into the yard (though, we are not sure if he jumped to the steps first – if he didn’t he would have fallen ~12 feet).

That night going to bed was sad. We both had dreams that he was barking on our front porch (after walking about 15 miles). But nothing all day. Since Monday was a holiday for the kids, some of the nieces and nephews spent hours looking for him, but no luck. I created a flyer that night, as well as made a posting on Craigslist and mentioned it on twitter as well as Facebook (which was seriously retweeted about 3o times, which is awesome). Her mom had also been in touch with vets, the pound, animal control, and everyone she could to alert about Toby.

Mid afternoon Tuesday, I got two calls from Debs about 15 minutes apart. I was in a meeting, so called her back when done, and immediately found out that he had been found! This was about 48 hours after him being gone!

He was found by  a lady wandering around two subdivisions over. She drove by, then turned around when she noticed him just looking lost. From what we heard, she opened her car door, and he jumped right in and laid down. She took him to the pound, who then contacted her mom. The cool part is that earlier that morning, we had sent the pound a link to my flickr photos so they could have some references of what Toby looked like.

We didn’t get a chance to see him that night, but did visit on Wednesday. Her mom wanted us to try to cheer him up, since he was very quiet and odd. We figured most of this was due to exhaustion, not eating, and just being scared out of his mind. We examined him and got him to start reacting to more people.

Her mom took him to the vet the next day, where we got a full report. He was still covered in ticks (one of her brothers had already removed 10-15). He also had a bunch of grass seed in his eyes, which was hurting him quite a bit. His nose was also rubbed down from just trying to sniff against the ground so much. I took a few pictures and posted them to Tumblr. The vet gave him some antibiotics as well, and expects him to be almost fully back to normal next week.

Funny enough, we found out that when he went out for a walk the day after being back, he managed to get loose of his leash. But this time, he ran right back through the yard and sat on the steps :).


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