My newest project – GamingTweets!

One of the biggest reasons I have been rather quiet is being so busy with a personal project! I really wanted to push myself to finally ‘develop’ one of my ideas (which I recently talked about not being able to do), from start to finish.

While driving back to Richmond from a day trip, I had an idea about having a site that would index video game information going across Twitter. But I also wanted this project to:

  1. Let me learn another language, or at least be more comfortable with it (I am mostly a .net developer, and wanted to really learn more PHP for web work)
  2. Start learning a popular API, and the community around that
  3. Create a site that could be a testbed for various things (new HTML standards, learning new techniques, SEO,  etc), but also provide a use to a community.

While it took a bit to long to get rolling, I spent a few weekends and nights putting everything together and came up with Its ‘live’ now, and already seeing a little bit of Search Engine traffic. I still have plenty more searches to add, and I already have two new features I have been thinking about as well. I even had my first bug fix due to the Twitter DDoS attack on 8/6/09 (although I didn’t get to fix it until that night, after things were running again).

Now that this project is ‘out of the way’, I  have a few other things I am already starting to work on. I have a few client projects to complete in the very short term, but after that, I’m going to be diving back into Cocoa again, and start writing some Mac and iPhone applications.


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