My newest project – GamingTweets!

One of the biggest reasons I have been rather quiet is being so busy with a personal project! I really wanted to push myself to finally ‘develop’ one of my ideas (which I recently talked about not being able to do), from start to finish.

While driving back to Richmond from a day trip, I had an idea about having a site that would index video game information going across Twitter. But I also wanted this project to:

  1. Let me learn another language, or at least be more comfortable with it (I am mostly a .net developer, and wanted to really learn more PHP for web work)
  2. Start learning a popular API, and the community around that
  3. Create a site that could be a testbed for various things (new HTML standards, learning new techniques, SEO,  etc), but also provide a use to a community.

While it took a bit to long to get rolling, I spent a few weekends and nights putting everything together and came up with Its ‘live’ now, and already seeing a little bit of Search Engine traffic. I still have plenty more searches to add, and I already have two new features I have been thinking about as well. I even had my first bug fix due to the Twitter DDoS attack on 8/6/09 (although I didn’t get to fix it until that night, after things were running again).

Now that this project is ‘out of the way’, I  have a few other things I am already starting to work on. I have a few client projects to complete in the very short term, but after that, I’m going to be diving back into Cocoa again, and start writing some Mac and iPhone applications.


Busy summer so far!

I haven’t been posting much, mainly due to lack of time (and even sometimes interest). While I love having this blog, sometimes I really feel that writing a post isn’t as good as just generally describing whats going on. I’m starting to think, especially with the insane growth of social media, personal blogs aren’t that interesting any more. Not that I’m saying I plan on stopping, but I really have been thinking more and more of turning this site into a general ‘life stream’ of what I’m doing, be it posting a message to twitter, taking a picture, blogging here or on my tech blog, or anything really.

Since I last really updated about whats been going on:

  • Have had the worse sinus problems ever I think during the summer.
  • Finally got outdoors and went mountain biking on local trails with friends. Other than hitting some logs wrong and eating dirt, it was a blast, and ready to get back out.
  • Did all the core work needed on
  • Been working with a few friends to make some really cool things on the web. Still have plenty of work.
  • Worked on some really cool things at work!
  • Spent a short weekend in DC, and had a blast!
  • Working much harder on what I eat, and already starting to notice differences. Now just to loose 60+ pounds.
  • Got to visit a great friend in Hampton, and spend a few hours at the beach.
  • Have grilled so many times already this summer I have lost count.
  • Every week has gone from rather empty to PACKED in a day. Looking back at my calendar for the last 2 months, something has had to happen nearly every night.

Its crazy that its already August. Deborah’s birthday is just a month away. I’ve almost been at my new job for a year in a few months. But its amazing, and I wouldn’t want it any other way.