WWDC 2009

As like years past, I wanted to recap some of my thoughts on today’s WWDC keynote. This time more than ever im actually becoming an Apple developer (again) by starting to learn a lot of Cocoa this year. But with Apple using this time to announce new products and services, WWDC keynotes are like any other Apple keynote now.

What was announced:

  • New MacBookPros: My wife and I recently (about 3 months ago) purchased the base Aluminum MacBook, the one that was upgraded today to a MacBookPro. Im honestly not as upset as I thought I was once going to be about this. While its nice to have more power, some new features, and possibly a new display, our MacBook is still much closer to a MacBookPro that previous MacBooks. I always considered it to be closer to the 12” PowerBook it replaced. I am curious to find out though if the new 13” has a new “Pro” display as well at the new price point ($1199)
  • Snow Leopard: As I mentioned last year, I felt Snow Leopard was one of the biggest announcements. I still don’t think many Mac users really understand how awesome of a change this is. And only for $29. This is going to breathe a new life into all Macs, which makes up for the ‘loss’ of my recent MacBook purchase already being bumped today. Snow Leopard covers SO much, but were going to see a faster, more stable OS. With Apple’s close Hardware/Software tie, I’m sure were going to see a new breed of machines next year as well.
  • iPhone OS 3: I actually felt that this was probably the most boring part of the keynote. Honestly, everything they covered was recently covered in March at the small developer keynote they had. This time around we saw a few apps that have been made for it, and honestly nothing else. I was honestly expecting a few last minute features to be thrown in to 3.0, but it didn’t happen.
  • iPhone 3GS: Not as show-stopping as the original iPhone to iPhone 3G, but still pretty awesome. You get a better camera, video capture, TONS more speed, voice recognition, double the space, and a compass. This time though, 3G owners do not get a cheap upgrade, you only get to upgrade if it’s the end of your service (which many original iPhone owners should be nearing now). Honestly while this is cool, not really worth it to any current iPhone owner. While I would love the speed bump (while OS 3.0 will knock off about half the time loading a large webpage, the 3GS will knock that in half again), I can’t justify the $500 upgrade.

I was hoping to upgrade to the ‘new iPhone’ if they were going to have a plan, but now really don’t feel like its worth it. I would love to get the new features, but not at that price. Also, with the iPhone OS update coming out next Wednesday, its like getting a new iPhone anyways!

Some of the flops from today’s announcements:

  • AT&T Sucks. Not supporting MMS and Tethering at launch is borderline unacceptable. They had as much time as all the other carriers (probably even more) to get their act together. And you want to bet whats holding it up – WHAT AT&T WANTS TO CHARGE YOU FOR IT. Yes, it may be more load on their network as well, but I think it relies more on how much fatter we need to make their pockets.
  • Not allowing an upgrade plan like before. You have millions of users that gave you $200-300 last year for an iPhone 3G. Many of us would love to give you another $200-300 this year for a iPhone 3GS. Hell, I would even trade in my old iPhone to do this. While they don’t ‘need’ to offer this, it would have been nice if they did. Gizmodo had a post earlier (that they have now pulled) making it sound like there was a prorated upgrade plan available, so something may show up eventually.
  • No real announcement on the AppStore issues. While Apps now have a parental rating – can nearly everything go into the store now? This honestly doesn’t affect me at all – im just tired of hearing so many people complaining about it.
  • Not including more features into the iPhone OS 3.0 software. I wonder why the Voice Commands and Accessibility items are iPhone 3GS only. Both of those new features seem very software related, and no reason they shouldn’t work on iPhone 3G and be part of OS 3.0. They also don’t really seem to be major selling points of the new hardware either. Oh, and Voice Commands should have been in OS 1.0. My very first cell phone had this feature.

Finally, I think a lot of people are going to complain that we still haven’t seen an Apple tablet yet. I have two questions about that:

  1. Have any of these people WANTING a Mac tablet ever used a PC tablet? Its honestly not that awesome.
  2. Do people not already realize they already own an Apple tablet and/or Netbook? Seriously, think about that. Other than a bigger screen – theres not much more you would get.

I will be posting more on Jon’s Tech Talk later on, especially after the iPhone OS 3.0 release. My first things to cover will be what I am thinking about the new iPhone OS, as well as some points on why Mac OS X 10.6 is going to be so cool.


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