Been neglecting this a bit recently…

Its been over a month since I posted to this blog, which is actually very hard to believe. First of all – lets catch up:

  • Work has been rather busy as of late, mainly due to everything going on. We are getting closer and closer to finishing this project, with so many others right around the corner too. But i’m not complaining – i’m loving every minute of it.
  • While I prefer Winter, Summer is now here, and im very happy. I love cold weather, but eventually it gets boring sitting in the house and its so great to be outside now.
  • With the crazy amounts of rain in Richmond, our yard has never looked better. Aerating, planting, and fertilizing last fall made me have an awesome looking yard right now.  But it has an amazing amount of upkeep, which in some sick and twisted way, I love.
  • I started a garden, and kept most of it living. We already have some green beans sprouting and a ton of tomato plants. Pictures and more soon, especially when we get to actually eat some!
  • I started, and finished, Mirrors Edge. A great game, and got it for a great price ($10). Its trade in value is $12 still, so I actually made money playing a game :). I am trying to finish single player mode in Left 4 Dead now – just one more campaign.
  • I have a secret project I have been working on in my free time I hope to release this month. Im doing it to learn some web API’s as well as MVC, but also to really make a cool product from start to finish – alone.
  • I dropped one of my side projects for various reasons. While it was fun, I wasn’t feeling it much more and felt that it was keeping me too pinned down to something. But its ok, I didn’t loose anything either. I have started helping out a few old friends with various projects, one which I’m about to start that is REALLY cool.
  • Ive been teaching myself more and more Cocoa, and started lining up some ideas for possible apps for the iPhone and Mac.
  • All in all, I have just been having a great time, and just too much to actually sit down and document all of it.

I have started setting some goals for the next month:

  • Get new super secret project out the door and it least into the hands of a few.
  • Get new REALLY cool project started, or at least discussed in detail.
  • Blog more here, especially with the way I see this site going – as in, more mobile or photo posts.
  • More posts over at my other blog.
  • Continue to enjoy life and having a great time.

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