First real snow in years!

The last ‘real’ amount of snow we got in Richmond was December 2005, with a little over 4 inches of snow. Before that, it had been a few years as well. While Richmond gets really crazy weather, we don’t get much snow anymore. This is a major difference, because through middle school and high school, we had plenty of snow days!

The snow started last night, and at the time of this posting its still snowing (supposed to stop in the next couple of hours). So far (at least at our house) we have recieved at least 6″, closer to 8″ plus right now. Deb’s work was closed last night, while I didn’t find out about mine until 6 AM.

I was able to take a few shots last night and this morning, and plan to take more once I can actually get outside so the camera doesn’t get messed up.

This is also my first try of using iPhoto ’09 Flickr syncing.

Finally, Church Hill People’s News has a post for people sharing their snow photos around Richmond!


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