A New Direction, A New Blog

So much has been changing in the last few months with my online presence, its been dizzying to say the least. For the most part, I shook things up, and started hosting my site again, with the assumptions:

  1. ive been getting enough traffic to start monetizing my work
  2. hosting will give me back all that freedom I had before on my site

Boy was I wrong

My numbers aren’t that low, and yes, I did make a few bucks using ads across my sites the last few months. But nothing really sustainable, and also not worth the hassle.

Which leaves me to my second note above – hosting is nothing like it was a few years ago. Now everyone and their brother is a web host, and will do anything to get your money. Even one of my favorite places, Dreamhost, is bursting at the seams and overselling sub-part equipment. Luckily, A friend of mine helped out for a few months as my new host, but in the end, I felt like it was best to get out of that market entirely. 

One thing I did realize in that process though was how to make this more sucessful in the future. So Im making a few changes:

  1. Im paying a few bucks to WordPress a year to host the site under my domain name. This will let me build up some SEO juice in case I decide to move away again.
  2. Spinning a large chunk of this blog off.
  3. That large chunk will get together again, at a yet-to-be-named new blog.
  4. When the new blog starts to really pick up traffic, it will still stay on WordPress.com, but probably be under a new domain name too, so once it takes off even more, I should be able to move it off much easier (as in, not loose my SEO juice).
  5. Im dropping my photography blog. 

What does that mean? Your going to see a LOT less (as in like no more) real posts about technology here. While writing about technology is what let my blog take off in the first place, its not the best to mix all of this together. I bore friends and family about geek stuff, and im pretty sure someone looking for a quick fix to a computer question isnt that interested in my new floors. 

Ill post when I come up with the new name* for the blog as well as a link. I hope that some of my readers will enjoy the new content as well, and even help contribute if interested. 

* Note: Debs and I have been tossing around names, but I’m all ears if anyone has any ideas.


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