New host, now with 100% better hosting!

It’s only been a few months since I started hosting my own WordPress install and site again, and I have had to make quite a few changes over that time. I started with GoDaddy, then Dreamhost, and now at VAWifiCo. GoDaddy was actually really good, and I started with their Windows hosting, with hopes to continue development down that route. But after having so many problems to get WordPress to act how I wanted, I decided to go back to Dreamhost, who I hosted with for years a little while ago.

When I was first at Dreamhost, it was a dream come true (sorry for the pun). Site was quick, I had all the space I needed, and support was amazing. But my latest experience was nothing like that, and I will never go back to them. Support was slow, if even existent. My site was so slow, and I was even blamed for it! They were telling me that my blog (that gets under 100 hits per day) was using to many resources! Finally, their machines are terribly configured and way oversold, and its just not worth it anymore.

Luckily, my friends over at VAWifiCo offered to help host, at an amazing rate as well. I get almost as much control over my site as I did with Dreamhost, but on a much faster server, with very light load. I moved all my sites here, and have really enjoyed getting the site running again on much nicer hardware. If you are looking for low-cost hosting, but not on an oversold econo-host, check them out!

So if your wondering why things are looking the way they are, this is why. Since I have been really busy with the house, I haven’t had much time to put stuff back together, but hope to have it done by this weekend.


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