2008 – My Year In Review

In some weird ways, I have a love/hate relationship with ‘Top 10 lists’, which we see a lot off at the end of the year. Most of the time they seem to be nothing more but a way to get more traffic to your site, but I still fall for it and what to see (and compare) my lists! One thing I do like doing at the end of the year is looking back at what happened. While your not any different on 12/31/08 11:59 than you will be on 1/1/09 12:01, the new year obviously gives a fresh new look on life.

While 2008 for me wasn’t as busy as 2006 (got married) and 2007 (new job, new house, promotion), it was still a great year:

There were some accomplishments this year that I’m pretty happy about (though didn’t plan):

  • I dramatically grew my professional and personal connections, which has so many different possibilities for the future. Many people I met professionally are also great friends, and great resources as well. In the last year, I managed to meet and know many great people.
  • I learned a ton of new topics and web technologies. I think the single largest topic that really sparked my interest was SEO. Id love to do something like that professionally (or consult with those that need help).
  • I gained confidence in my ability to do stuff around the house without burning it down or destroying it (too much).
  • I gained confidence in sharing my knowledge with others and knowing that they may rely on this for business decisions. And then I became very happy seeing that my sharing of knowledge not only made them more profitable, but built up my confidence for being able to answer questions others may have and knowing I’m right.
  • My site almost doubled in traffic last year! This is mostly thanks to my READERS! This sparked my interest in moving my site to my own hosting platform in the possibility to monetize my efforts. This also lit the fire under my other passion, Photography, and wanting to expand my other blog.

All in all, a lot of the year was a blur to me with everything going on at work especially. But after seeing the results of last year’s haphazard blur (without any planning), I want to set certain goals/plans:

  • Actually finish another (or couple more) projects around the house
  • Learn Cocoa/Obj-C, and write my first Mac app in a LONG time.
  • Produce at least one meaningful app for distribution, either for Windows, Mac OS, or the iPhone. I would also like to create at least one plug-in for an already existing platform, like WordPress.
  • Get a better handle on our finances and investments.
  • Start getting healthy. Loose weight, eat better, feel better.
  • Continue to grow my professional and personal contacts.
  • Further develop and start to promote my side work, including freelance web and app development, hosting, and photography.
  • Learn everything I can.
  • Be an even better husband/son/friend/brother/person.

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