Trying to learn Cocoa/Obj-C

So, after messing with it a few times, I’ve decided to really jump in and start learning Mac development (again). As I mentioned in a previous post, the last time I ‘really’ developed for the Mac was in the days of MPW and the classic Mac OS.Well, those days  are long gone (have been for a while), and now there are even new platforms (iPhone) to develop for as well.

I’ve got a few friends that have already started down this path, and just hearing them talk about some of the stuff they can do amazes me. Oddly enough, I think I may the odd one out of the bunch, not really wanting to focus on iPhone development, but actual Mac OS development. Also, i’m coming up with new ideas I could easily hack out in C#, but want to just try on the Mac first.

It’s been such a long time since I learned a new language, its going to be a totally new experience (which is odd…I’ve been a ‘Mac User’ longer than I have been a ‘PC User’). Luckily there are some really good books on the subject, as well as a great local group I get to meet with.

My objective in the end is to feel as comfortable in Cocoa as I do in .Net, and feel more in tune with the systems that I enjoy. I also hope that one day ill have a cool little Mac app that I can share here.  I have a few ideas I have been putting together and outlining, but have yet to sketch out or document. Heck, maybe my first app will be making a native Twitter app that I actually like!


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