Blogging more about owning a home

Almost 2 years ago, I started writing quite a few posts about our entire process of home buying in the Richmond, VA area. Some of these posts actually got quite a few hits, helped a few people out doing the same thing, and even helped us make quite a few decisions!

Since then, we have been so busy, with life, work, and more – that we haven’t focused as much on the house as we should. Yes it stays clean and organized, but we have delayed so many projects due in the past due to my busy work schedule or Toby.

Now that we have a bit more time (and more focus), we are starting up some new home projects, even this week durring the Christmas holiday. I started today buy updating our 2 year old ‘to-do list’, marking off complted projects, updating tasks, etc. ( I will post more about this later ). But durring all of this work, I plan to continue blogging about progress under a new merged category, Home Ownership.


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