Toby is still leaving, but staying close!

Toby was supposed to have a meeting with the Richmond SPCA today for tests, etc. We also were supposed to meet one final person interested in him as well.

But just an hour ago, Deborah’s mom called and told us that she would be taking him in! This means that he is still around when we want to see him, and that he is going to a great home. Hes going to have 2 other dogs to play with, as well as a few cats (which he loves). He has spent a few days at her moms house before, and we are so happy that this opportunity opened up!

We also plan first of next year to donate some money to the Richmond SPCA. They are an amazing group of people, and while we have yet to meet them in person, we are so happy that they were still there in our time of need.


5 thoughts on “Toby is still leaving, but staying close!

  1. I’m so happy to hear that Toby will be nearby! I took in my sister’s Sheltie, Lola, this year, and she’s very much a part of our family now. Best part is that my sister and her family still get to see Lola from time to time. 🙂

    Good idea about donating to the SPCA. I’m planning on taking big bags of dog and cat food this Christmas as well. Glad things worked out!

  2. @Pema Lin
    Thats great to hear as well! We had a few problems with others trying to take him in before. While it is causing a few problems with the family right now, it was actually her moms decision! And yes, thats one thing thats making Debs really happy, the fact that we can still see him from time to time.

    Also, the idea about food is GREAT! My brother ( is actually going to be helping out there starting next month!

  3. Jon – Best of luck with volunteering, especially with the SPCA. I know I don’t get to do enough of it, but the times I’ve been proactive about donating time I’ve gotten the most of it.

    I’d like to talk to you and your brother about it after you’ve been there a couple times. I feel like playing with animals and helping out could be fun.

  4. Hi Jon – We’re delighted you’re able to keep Toby nearby. It sounds like he’ll have a terrific new home! It’s also gratifying to hear that you’ve had such good interaction with the staff here at the Richmond SPCA.
    Best wishes for Toby and your family.

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