Freelancing, work, and life!

Life’s been pretty busy for the last few weeks as I get adjusted to a new job (and new schedule), the holidays are fast approaching, and making changes on this site! I have a few drafts that I started putting together to post in the next week or so from things I have learned, and some of my new projects!

  • The new job is amazing. I get to work on cool software with a cool language, and have a fun time doing it. Im still getting up to speed on quite a few things, but already making progress on quite a few of my tasks.
  • My work on is coming along nicely, especially thanks to Deborah, for working on some hotels in her free time. I plan on spending some time this weekend on it, and creating a plan of execution in the short term. Im hoping we can launch around the first of next year!
  • I have a new personal project im starting up ( a forum ) but haven’t had much time to invest into it – more on that later.
  • I’m freelancing to make some extra money. I actually didn’t expect it to be this easy. I already have clients coming to me by word of mouth, and I haven’t even advertised myself yet. Im mostly doing development, SEO work, and just helping people find a web presence,  so if you are interested, PLEASE contact me! I just finished my first large project!
  • This should be the last weekend with Toby. We actually have 2 more people interested in him, and he also goes and meets with the SPCA on Monday.
  • While I wanted to start really learning PHP and Perl, it looks like Cocoa/Objective-C may be first. I went to my first Richmond Cocoaheads meetup last night, which was awesome. While im VERY new to cocoa (the last time I really programed on a Mac that wasnt BASH scripts was with MPW and C++ console apps.
  • Many parties and other events going on this weekend and next week, all the way through the holidays. I hope to take tons of pictures, this time of year is always so beautiful.

Listening To: ‘Since I’ve Been Loving You’ by Led Zeppelin


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