WordPress 2.7 now available!

Last night WordPress rolled out their newest update, version 2.7, codenamed ‘Coltrane’. This was actually released on WordPress.com blogs last week, while 2.7 RC1 was available for download if you hosted your own install. They then released RC2 a few days ago, which was pretty much the final version.

I just pushed out the new update to this blog (still need to do a few others), and it works GREAT! The biggest thing is the new admin. Supposedly they spent quite a bit of time with usability research to determine the best way to get around the admin, and it worked. Things are a lot easier to get to now, make more sense (though they were fine before hand), and overall look even cleaner! I was a little hesitant to push it live, mainly because it could break some plugins and themes, but all of my stuff seems ok so far.

Ive also been working pretty hard on the site, moving more things around. For example, I decided to have the entire domain run under wordpress, which is MUCH easier. The only thing remaining is to figure out the way I would prefer to have Gallery work with the site. I also need to update the new theme in a few ways, to help SEO as well as the look and feel. Hopefully I will get all that done by this weekend!


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