Gmail now has To-Do lists!

Today is a day I thought would never come (just like the day a year or so ago when they allowed IMAP access). But Google has finally released a todo list manager for Gmail. Though its a labs feature, this has the most ‘polish’ I have ever seen on a labs feature, and I am sure eventually will be a new part of Gmail outside of labs (possibly with even more features!)

This is something I have wanted since I started using Gmail heavily. I really enjoy making quick todo’s for things I need to work on or check out, but could never find the right solution. Remember The Milk is doing a great job, and probably at the head of the pack when it comes to making these online. But im not fond of always paying for services like that, and you can only get iPhone and other integration if you are a Pro member.

Having these todo’s in Gmail is a blessing. You can create multiple lists, search through your lists, and make sub-tasks as well. And one of the best things was you can even MARK EMAILS AS A TODO ITEM! This is amazing, because I have been trying to hack up a system using the stars as a todo list manager, and it just didnt work for me! Also, for those that keep Gmail open all day (Im starting to), you can also pop this out like the other windows.

As long as you have Gmail Labs setup, you should see Todo at the top of the list under Settings -> Labs. Turn this on, refresh the Gmail page, and you should be good to go!


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