My newest GeoDomain Venture!

Last week I finished signing the papers, and this week I have already started work on the new site! A press release was sent out earlier today:

Domains New Media announces that Jon Lumpkin has joined their team

We would like to announce that Jon Lumpkin has joined the team of Domains New Media to develop

Formerly with, Jon brings to the table valuable programming, technical and business skills that will help develop into a thriving GeoDomain.  Many of you are familiar with Jon’s work as seen on and may have seen his presentation on “Technology & GeoDomains” at the last GeoDomain Expo. presents a unique opportunity in the GeoDomain space, as it will be a site focused and developed around two cities that are worlds apart; the Alexandria in Virginia and the Alexandria in Egypt.  By offering visitors access to these two major metropolitan destinations we are able to provide the information that visitors are seeking.

Simultaneous Development

Development of will be coordinated between two teams. Gastón Piarrette will head up the development and content for the Egyptian side and Jon Lumpkin will be working alongside Josh Stauffer and Jeremia Froyland to develop the Virginia side.

While this presents unique challenges and opportunities by developing a main site that features both cities, we believe that it offers visitors to the site information for their particular city of interest.

Skip Hoagland, the CEO of Domains New Media said “We are very pleased that we have the opportunity to bring Jon’s skills and talent to our team.  Additionally, we are extremely excited to tackle the challenge of developing both sides of  Jon brings a world of technical knowledge in our industry and we look forward to working with him on this project.”

The new site will soon launch and we are excited about helping add value to our industry through the development of these GeoDomains.  We are proud to be a member of and look forward to moving our industry down an exciting and pioneering road.

About offers information for residents and visitors of Alexandria, Virginia and Alexandria, Egypt on their website.  With information about hotels, real estate, news, attractions and businesses, they cater to online those who are interested in Alexandria.

About GeoDomains New Media is a subsidiary of the GeoDomains New Media family of Companies which includes such premium sites as:;;; and as well as many other premium GeoDomains; along with the Social Media Networks; and

I’m not quiting my full time job I just took on, this is just something spare to work on in some free time to make some extra money, and work on a passion that I really started to enjoy! One of my favorite things at was the development, SEO/SEM, and market that you target. And now I get to do all this and more!

UPDATE: I just found out that this made too!

You can read the whole story at!


2 thoughts on “My newest GeoDomain Venture!

  1. You’re everywhere, everywhere, everywhere!
    Way to go Jon Boy!
    So, it my Christmas gift going to be fabulous this year with all the
    money you will be making?
    Love, Mom

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