Rest of the site coming together (and more updates)!

Its been a long week, but things are finally calming down a bit. First of all, Toby is back with us again. The lady I mentioned in my previous post kept him for a few days, and then had let him go. We then tried another lady my aunt worked with, who only gave him 2 hours (seriously, what the hell!). Finally, he spent the night at another possible new owners home last night, but her dog and him were not getting along that well. So finally, we are going to be looking into some Beagle Rescue Groups and the Richmond SPCA.

Otherwise, we have been keeping REALLY busy. We picked up a new desk the other day, and moved around some stuff in our house. Basically, our spare room and office swtiched, giving us a much larger and more useful office. We are also bringing my old PC back up online (with a new 22″ display) so we can get more work done as well. Ill actually be creating a new post on this when its complete!

I spent some time with the site this long weekend as well. As you may have noticed, the theme on this blog has changed a little, as well removing some pages. All this has been moved out of the blog and back up to the top of the domain It would be nice to have it all on one platform, but I couldnt figure out the best way to manage my gallery as well.

I also uploaded quite a few albums up to the new gallery install. Ill be highlighting these on the front page as well over time.

Over time, I really plan on building out the stuff ‘outside’ the blog more and more. Im starting to dabble in random projects, and would like to have a central place to highlight them!


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