Problems with slow Vista networking

Have you noticed some slowness with copying files in Vista? I used to have some major problems with this, and already having a slower network didn’t help. After some diffing and research, I found that a new ‘feature’, Remote Differential Compression, was to blame.

Remote Differential Compression allows much faster data coppies if all hardware along the way supports it. From what I read, it seems like this would be pretty similar to rsync, just copy over the bits that change.

Well, I was using Vista in a mostly Windows 2000 server environment, and this just didnt work. So to turn it off:

  • Click Start
  • Go to Control Panel
  • Click ‘Programs and Features’
  • On the left, you should see ‘Turn Windows features on or off’
  • When the box comes up, towards the top you should see ‘Remote Differential Compression’, uncheck this box.
  • Click OK
  • You may then need to reboot for changes to take affect.

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