Moving on to different things…

Im writing this post with pretty mixed emotions, but overall its for the greater good.

I quit my job today. My last day is a little less than 4 weeks from now. While things are really hectic, I was offered a great job with the local county government being a developer on a pretty cool team. While I can’t go into detail with what I will be doing, Ill be writing software, and specializing in .net, and beginning professional work with .net 3.5,  and really exploring the powers behind WCF, WPF, LINQ, and more!

I’m ready to settle down a bit, do something new, and also give even more back to the region I have grown up in. Unfortunatly in the move, I end up leaving a company I loved to work for, a possition that I loved, and great people I have grown great friendships with.

I wont be moving any time soon, so thats another big benifit. Plus I also will be working less than 2 miles from home, and could pretty much walk to work if I watned. Im also going to have a LOT less stress, since I won’t be managing a team anymore, nor have to work on hardware, etc. Ill be able to just focus on my code :). This focus is something I have wanted for a while as I grow my carrer as a developer.

Im sure things are going to change over time. Since I will have more time, I plan on getting a lot more work done on our house. I also may even be still contributing code to my old job when needed. Finally, I am hoping to move back to a ‘real’ hosting environment, and start building out some of the ideas I have been having!

Listening To: ‘Time To Burn’ by The Rasmus.


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