Field Day of the Past and Glen Allen Day

I love festivals, and this weekend was the beginning of some Fall festivals. The state fair starts in a week or so, and so all the local towns around Richmond throw their yearly festivals.

We started Saturday off with going to Glen Allen day, and I hate to say it, but it was a dud. We waited in traffic for 20 minutes on Mountain Road, to finally get in and park. I took a few pics of the car show going on before walking up to the main part of Glen Allen day. All it ended up being was a bunch of people and tents along the sidewalk leading up to the house at Meadow Farm. We saw a few people we knew, played with a few of the puppies up for adoption, and then walked up to the house. Towards the back they had the usual over priced food, and even more tents. After about being there for 30 minutes, we decided we had already had enough and it was time to go.

We actually ended up spending nearly 2 hours at Field Day of the Past. This event has EXPLODED in the past years, and was quite a bit of fun to go to this year. I ended up taking nearly 150 pictures, most of them being of the old engines/cars/farm equipment that was there. We had a blast, and got pretty sore walking ALL over the place.

I uploaded some images today. You can check out Glen Allen Day as well as Field Day of the Past. I plan on actually taking some of the FDotP images and prepping them for print as well, maybe even in Black and White.


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