OMG wherez mah moniez LOLZ!

All this stock market and overall economy is making people crazy. I have never been overly-worried, but now you have everyone up in arms about everything thats happening almost daily now. This week starts off with large investment brokers closing, the government bailing out yet another company, and more. Ive stayed mostly hands off, other than looking at some stocks, and now – wishing I had made a move.

I actually had a comment earlier this week on an article I wrote about moving some money into E-trade. The comment was asking me how I felt about keeping my money there in a crisis like this. It was funny, because about 10 minutes before I got the comment email, Debs and I were talking about if we should move money out or not. I don’t want to be like everyone and pull my money out and hide it under my mattress, but I also don’t want to loose it either. We are going to keep it in E-trade for now, mainly since it wasn’t all that much to begin with. Ive actually contemplated some LONG LONG term investments with what we do have in there.

Nate called me Thursday mentioning that our Genworth friends may have to look for jobs soon – their stock PLUMMETED. It got down to almost $3 a share. But because I didn’t set up my trading account yet, I didn’t buy then. I wish I did – right now, they are 13.97 a share. I could have well over gotten a 400% return. I KNEW I should have bought then, but just blew it off. The year high has only been about $25 a share. While thats less than the gold I was buying – its still not as good of a return as I could have seen. But time will tell – maybe buying at the $14 mark, over time this could be a good investment (note – im not a pro, dont trust my investment sense – i just like watching trends and finding a good deal).

Overall, I think John Gruber, of Daring Fireball, one of my favorite Apple-ish blogs, said it best

Who the hell would have ever thought that ‘profesionall weblogger’ would be a more stable job than ‘Lehman Brothers investment banker?

In the end, I’m not worried, yet…

Listening To: ‘Taking Back Control’ by Sparta


2 thoughts on “OMG wherez mah moniez LOLZ!

  1. A lot of people missed out on the GNW opportunity last week, myself included. I didn’t have cash in my trading account to make a move. In retrospect, I should have liquidated another position. GNW is a solid, well managed company. It’s interesting how many people don’t understand that a company’s operating capital is in no way linked to its stock price. I take issue with comments like Nate’s. Our jobs were never in danger. Baseless rumors like that are exactly the sort of thing that push stocks down unnecessarily as was the case last week.

  2. Thats the reason I wanted to invest in GNW, and may still do it. Im sure theres a lot of ‘freaking out’ going on, and of course a lot of speculation. All these other companies are falling out, people loosing jobs, and stock plummets. I couldn’t agree with you more. If the company is run right, then theres a lot less to worry about, and more work needed to be focused on how to manage times like these.

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