Quick Update

Things have been a little busy lately, trying to get a whole lot of things done around the house and at work. I have a few blogs I have been working on, but they just aren’t ready to publish yet. Otherwise, there has been very little going on…

  • I would like to welcome my parents to modern technology. My Mom and Stepdad finally joined the ‘HD revolution’ yesterday. Not one, but two hi-def displays, that I have had a blast picking out, setting up, and teaching them. I call myself FireSquad GeekDog.
  • Life on Playstation came out today, and its pretty cool. Its a mix of the Weather/News apps on the Wii, but obviously in 1080p goodness. Its just a fancy globe (with the right day/night overlay) pulling RSS feeds from Google News. 
  • Twitter.com got a cool redesign, and now the web interface is even nicer (to me). Some people don’t like that search is at the bottom, but it doesn’t matter to me – I don’t use it. 
  • My PC finally died. It still KINDA works, but not really. The second primary HDD this year. Anyone have a SMALL IDE drive they want to donate to the cause? I made a VM of the machine, but I want to rebuild it FINALLY as a real media center/file server. 
  • This weekend is Field Day of the Past and Glen Allen Day. We may go to one or the other – Usually a great time to get some cool shots of people. 
  • Glad all my money is out of stocks right now, but pissed I didnt buy Genworth today when it was down to $3something a share. I could have tripled my earnings today alone. 

One thought on “Quick Update

  1. Hey FireSquad GeekDog…
    Thank you for helping us progress into modern technology.
    Now, come on over and re-teach us….
    Love, Hugs & Smiles,

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