Platform Wars

Arguing on the Internet is just stupid, and of course one of the longest on-going arguments on the internet is ‘My OS is better than your OS’. Of course when I started as a Mac user, no one wanted to say they were a Mac user :). Now you have fanboys that cant help but rub it in your face that they use a Mac. And quite honestly, you have the same amount of people on the PC side that still think Apple is going to go under any day now, or that they are some type of elitist because they haven’t made the ‘switch’.

Being a multi-platform user, this ‘argument’ just doesn’t make sense to me. The computer, and its operating system, is just a utility/tool/device. Just like your toaster, or your fridge, or your car, or your phone (oh wait..). Obviously people have preferences about the tools they like, and this is especially the case in autos (I used to never want a non-American auto, but now, I never want to buy American again). Its funny to watch flame wars happen on various forums, twitter, and even in person.

Maybe I look at the conmputer differently – as an open platform for me to express myself as I see fit, and then choose the appropriate tools (Mac, PC, whatever) to help me accomplish what I need to do. While Im an AVID Mac fan – Im not tied to Apple. In all honesty, Im actually getting sick and tired of Apple’s failing quality control and failure to address flaws in a timely mannor (or even tell us whats going on).

I don’t know what sparked this post, and originally, wasn’t going to even post it. But I just find it odd from various places I have seen online for people to ‘blindly follow’ a brand in some cases, just becasue ‘its the right thing to do’. A perfect example will be tomorrow. Apple (and Microsoft) have an event. Im in the market for a new small iPod, so Im excited for what Apple may release. But im also hoping they can fix our phones…


1 thought on “Platform Wars

  1. I’m thankful for PC because I am help desk person. I do like Mac’s for the graphics. Being a multi platform person is good.

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