iPhone 2.0.1 Update solved quite a few of my issues

After my last post, I actually ran the firmware update on my iPhone while cooking dinner. After spending a few days with the latest update, I can say that quite a few of the issues that I was having with my phone have been resolved.

  • Contacts no longer has a lag, and response seems better than ever before.
  • I have yet to see any more lag in SMS (text messaging) but I hear a lot of people still are having problems.
  • Applications seems to launch a bit faster than they did before.
  • I also seem to have a better signal (still very random), but overall its better.
  • Like the wonder device it is, it now does the dishes and answers the meaning for live. Im guessing thats what the other 249.5 MB of the firmware was used for. Quite a bit new things for such a minor point release.
Overall the iPhone experience is getting better and better. The phone feels less like a hack job put out by Apple, but more like a ‘work in progress’. I cant wait till 2.1 rolls out, so we see features like push notification.
While the bug in my previous blog post has gone away, the bug where iTunes and your phone don’t talk to each other about what versions of apps are installed still remains. This is such a MINOR fix (the version number of the App has to be in a xml config SOMEWHERE in the app’s package), I don’t see why its still a problem!

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