Puppy, Macs, and Electric Feels

Of course busy as usual, but starting to have more time! Weekends don’t really exist for me anymore, other than a break from some work. We have been getting up really (7AM or earlier) on Saturday and Sunday, mainly because of Toby (and going to sleep early the night before). Usually I would complain about this, but I really enjoy it in some aspects. You get to ENJOY your morning (since we all spend it in a flurry of getting ready for work), we get to see/do different things, and by 10AM, I have gotten so much done, and realize that I have an entire day ahead of me still!

Quick notes of whats been going on:

  • Saw MGMT at The National last Tuesday. Decent concert, but glad I didn’t pay for it.
  • Put up a few pictures from the trip to Chicago, mostly of the awesome hotel we stayed at.
  • Toby is getting older, and FINALLY calming down (in some rare cases). I made a new set capturing a more ‘calm’ Toby, the Toby that we all wish for. If you like cute puppy pics, these are it!
  • Talking about Toby, he only has 3 classes left!
  • Debs and I went up to Meadow Farm this weekend to just get out. Toby got to meet sheep and cows, and we documented the process. Also ran into one of Deb’s old neighbors and talked to her for a bit.
  • Tossed a couch that had been on its last legs for year. It was fun to destroy something!
  • Fellow Twitterer (is that a word?) Kory hooked me up with a few Macs that were getting tossed. Picked up 2 iMac G4’s (at 800Mhz) and a 1.5Gz 15″ Powerbook. Installed leopard on these, but need to still finish setting things up. One of the iMacs is going to go into our den as a iTunes juke.

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