Apple’s biggest Beta Test yet…

Im sure plenty of people have heard about the ongoing issues with the new iPhone 3G as well as the iPhone 2.0 software in general. The 2.0.1 update is right around the corner and should address a lot of this, but its still not coming fast enough.

Even last week, Apple released iTunes 7.7.1, which had ‘various bug fixes’. Well, who knows what it actually changed, and things still aren’t just right.

Take Applications for example. The whole process is easily handled if you buy an app on your phone or on the computer, and seems to sync just fine. But what about Application updates? I don’t know if I am the only one seeing this, but iTunes doesn’t seem to understand if you updated the application on your phone or not, and will still recommend you install the update.

Another issue I noticed yesterday was iTunes handling of updates. Im always anxious to check out new things, so I was excited to see the following when starting up iTunes the other day.

Awesome! I have an update. So I click on the button, and then get this page…

Huh? I thought you just told me I had an update?! I’ve restarted iTunes, my iMac, and even checked the App Store on my iPhone. No updates yet, just iTunes won’t let go of the idea that there is one, somewhere.

I love my iPhone, and I love my Macs. But please Apple, your scaring me. While I have seen some dirty nasty stuff from Apple, its never on the general consumer side. This makes me feel like I’m using some sub-par OS *cough* Vista *cough*!

Update! So I wrote this post around 6pm eastern. Well at 7:30pm eastern, iPhone software 2.0.1 is now available! Updating now!


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