TechCrunch is becoming more and more worthless…

For a while there, I was really starting to like TechCrunch. Something about their design, most of their stories, and even their ads (most of them relate to something I would ACTUALLY be interested in, like hosting). But recently, instead of a lot of their breaking news and/or very original content, they have been having to create a LOT of blog spam (very short articles on one site to link to another, mainly for only the purpose of gathering one of those all important page views), and really thinning down some of their content.

Case in point, their ‘story’ today about the Push Services API thats in the new Beta build of iPhone software 2.1. Its a VERY short paragraph that actually say much of anything other than try to explain what ‘Push’ means, complains about the iPhone 3G, then links to CrunchGear, another site in the TC network. If you go to the story on CrunchGear, you get an extra sentence or two, then it takes you to the REAL story, and full page on Apple Insider, a GREAT site.

I decided to make a pretty simple, yet blunt Tweet about the issue. Funny enough, a few minutes later, Michael Arrington himself (the ________ that runs the Tech Crunch network) replied. I then got a whole bunch of tweets from random people that follow him, mentioning that all of them had the SAME idea, but didnt speak up. I of course then cried for hours and hours that this random __________ blocked me.

So not only is the site becoming less credible, but seriously? If someone spoke out about a site I work on (which they do plenty of), I only use it as a boost to want to do something good about it. But to publicly proclaim that you BLOCK and don’t want to listen to your users? Now thats just stupid. Visitors come to your website (especially a tech site) because they want information. Not because they think a ________ like him is cooler than baby Jesus. Locking yourself up in a room and thinking this is going to make your website fail, and honestly right now…I hope one day it does!

Update: I just wanted to share this link about the NYT wanting to censor bloggers. Thanks Tripp!

Listening To: ‘ We’ll Meet Again’ by Johnny Cash (how ironic)


1 thought on “TechCrunch is becoming more and more worthless…

  1. Nice post, Jon! I get tired of the worthless aggregators who run websites for nothing more than to attempt to make an easy buck by selling 10’s of banner ad spaces on them when all they do is simply point one or two lines to the actual article on another site. Pretty brazen of “Mr.” Arrington to block you like that. Certainly didn’t make any friends yesterday, did he? 😉

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