George Washington, Steve Jobs, and the Pumpkins

Just some quick notes for now, and funny links that I actually want to share!

  • Debs and I got iPhones. I am working on a review now. Short review – we love them.
  • George Washington came and met us at The Boarder yesterday. Im dead serious.
  • Im selling our somewhat new Verizon phones, a camera, and Sirius.
  • I gave blood last Saturday at our Lodge. While nice, VA Blood service has some new technology that they just cant figure out how to use.
  • The Smashing Pumpkins are coming to C-ville in August. We are going.
  • XKCD this morning is awesome
  • The Font Conference – funny video on CH that is worth checking out.
  • A great blog post on about our recent conference in Chicago. It was great to meet the writer of this fine blog, but also a great experience in general. You can see us with our award on the second page.

Thats about it for now. I will have an iPhone post up hopefully this weekend. And as from last nights post – expect more ‘mobile blogging’ soon, maybe even starting tonight 🙂

Listening To: KEXP in Seattle on iTunes


1 thought on “George Washington, Steve Jobs, and the Pumpkins

  1. Jon – How much was your monthly phone bill on the two phones for sale? I’m intersted as my phone sucks. Email, facebook, or ring me the answer.

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