What’s been going on!

Sometimes I feel like I write too many of these, not posting for a few days/weeks, and then just creating a list of whats been going on. I would prefer to rather cover new things, go into more detail, etc. Looks like a few things may be changing soon, to give me a little more time to focus on things like this 🙂

  • July 4th came and went. My stepbrother showed up early and surprised everyone after his 28 hour drive directly from Texas. I have a few pics up from out family cookout here. We also went and watched the fireworks at Genworth the night before.
  • Checked out the Hanover Tomato Festival as well. The weather wasn’t the best, but still a good time. Took a few random pictures.
  • We also got a chance to run down to VA Beach for a day at the end of June. It was great to get out, and pretty much just run right into the water!
  • I’m writing this in Chicago. Im back up here for the 2008 GeoDomain conference, which I have presented at twice. More on that later.
  • While I don’t get as much time as I would LIKE on this blog, I still want to do MORE. Once time frees more up at work (as its slowly starting to do), I plan to start doing a few things, which may include getting away from wordpress.com, and going back to a hosted service. With the traffic I see on this blog per day (and not doing much to it), I could probably host a few ads to cover hosting costs now!
  • That fancy iPhone 3G thing got released yesterday. I want one, pretty bad. Other than Apple’s inability to keep things up and running (and AT&T’s flawed process), I haven’t really heard ALL that much on the new phone. Though it looks like engadget answered my main question – the Maps application does not give turn by turn routes, just a direction from your currently location from GPS to your destination. It still works – you can watch yourselve move on the screen, and if you do veer off course, could recalculate. While I would LOVE this feature, its just not going to happen…yet.

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