Office Reorganization

I dedicated most of this Sunday to working in the office, moving things around, and just trying to get more organized. While the office wasn’t in bad shape, it just felt cluttered, busy, and just not really useful at times. After being inspired all week through a few posts on Lifehacker, I decided to bite the bullet and really do something in this office. I took a few pictures during the process, and pretty happy with the finished result! You can find the pictures over on Flickr soon!

The first thing I did was move around some items in here, back to the setup I had when we first moved into this house. But now that we have the iMac, it actually makes more sense to set it up this way:

  • Walking into the room, you now see the glorious 24″ display, and not the back of it.
  • The old setup made you walk around the desk and really sit down. Now, I can just get right to the computer if I need it for something really quick.
  • I can use the bookcase to the right of me for some small immediate storage if I need it, rather than cluttering up the desk.
  • The Klipsch iFi system I use is made to fill the room (or heck, the house) with sound. The old setup had them facing back into the room, not really helping if I wanted to blast music on this side of the house. Now the face out of the room, so if we are on this side of the house, we can have the music up and it sounds MUCH better.

We went through the desk and threw away a trash bag of random stuff we no longer needed. I also went through the drawers in the desk and made one just for ‘office supplies’ and the other for software, cables, batteries, and other random things that would be nice to have close to hand. With the way my desk is set up, I also now have a little cubby for ‘media’, including DVD-R’s, CD-R’s, pens, highlighters, and paper.

The desk is also pretty clear right now, making it look GREAT with the iMac and iFi system side by side. I used to have a bunch of random things up here, which made it hard when finding a place for the laptop or even to hook up the cameras. Now I have some extra USB cables hanging out, for easy access when plugging in any of the cameras, my phone, etc. I also have a spot reserved just for the iPod (and iPhone soon, hopefully) for charging and syncing.

Since this corner desk was originally designed to hold a tower, I still use that space for my older PC (that I still use for work and file storage). I lowered the shelf that sat above the PC to allow for more room to place my camera gear. This includes my Canon Rebel 2000 (film) and Rebel XTi (dSLR), our Canon SD1000, my lenses (the 50mm and 25-55mm sit in the case with the XTi, and my 75-300mm has its own case behind it) and filters.

We are also going to pick up some stacking desk trays to sit on top of the file cabinet. The top one is used to hold up the wireless router, with the ones below holding items that either need to be processed or filed into the cabinet. Those two things are usually the main reason my desk gets cluttered in the first place!

All that is really left now is to put some stuff up on the walls. I may look into some shelving right above the desk for a few things, including possibly mounting the speakers to give even more room on the desk. I also am looking at picking up either a whiteboard or cork-board to get something on the walls. Oh, and yeah, maybe finally get my degree up as well.

Im pretty happy how it all turned out, and hope it will make me work a bit better! During the process, I also managed to get a copy of Parallels, and install Vista Ultimate and VS2008 that I picked up at the Heros Happen Here event recently. I also had a  hand from the wife going through the mess in the drawers and shelves.

Listening To: ‘Shine’ by Imogen Heap.


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