‘We Feel Fine’ book will include a photo of mine!

Last week, I received an email through Flickr that a photo of mine had been chosen to be used in an upcoming book from the guys at WeFeelFine.org. We Feel Fine is somewhat hard to explain, but a really cool concept. They harvest ‘feelings’ from various blogs all around the world and dump them into a database. There is then a graphical front end that allows you to query this database, keeping a touch on the pulse of various ‘feelings’ through the world.

The picture they chose is actually of our good friend Nate, who dressed as Bob Ross for halloween. We are actually pretty sure debs took this shot, just randomly. Once I saw it, I thought it would make a perfect cover for some indie rock band album.

Im not sure just yet where/how the photo will be used in the book, all I know is that they mentioned releasing sometime next fall, and my compensation (an autographed copy of the book from the developers/writers, and a invitation to the release).

Ill keep everyone updated!

Listening To: ‘Ghosts 17’ By Nine Inch Nails


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