using a comcast remote on newer samsung tv’s

Debs and I recently purchased a new Samsung 40″ LCD HDTV. After trying numerous codes in the book, none of them would work, and I was planning on taking the remote back to Comcast.

After searching numerous sites, I finally came across these codes, which worked great for me (I used 10702).

  • 10702
  • 10812
  • 10060

8 thoughts on “using a comcast remote on newer samsung tv’s

  1. thank you so much!!
    10702 also worked for me.
    I was frustrated by this all weekend.

    thank you!

  2. Good GOD I’ve been scouring around for an hour to find this!!! I was getting fed a line of B.S. in a live chat by some podunk (supposed) tech assistant. I pasted this link into our conversation and said, “Hey, while you’ve been sitting here not helping me, I found this link”. T H A N K YOU!!!!

  3. Thanks a ton. I recently got a new Samsung 40″ 5-Series LCD and was having no luck at all with the available codes. I used your 10702 and everything works like a charm. Maybe in a couple of years Comcast will update their list. They are too busy finding ways to screw their customers by blocking protocols, limiting bandwidth, and jacking rates. That is Comcastic.

  4. Actually, I found that the 10812 code works even better for my TV. With the 10702 code things worked alright but not perfect. The directional arrow keys did not work properly for scrolling in a menu. And, the EXIT key did not clear onscreen menus as it should. After I loaded the 10812 code I am sitting perfect.

    My TV is a Samsung 40″ LCD model 550. If you have the same (or probably any 5-Series) you should find this one to be best.

  5. Thanks for the update John, I will have to try that out on ours. Now only if it could easily switch imports – thats the only reason I seem to ever use the orig controls.

  6. Thanks a ton!!!
    the comcast site gives 4 digit codes so it wasnt even blinking twice after the last digit. 10702 is it! 🙂 Take Care

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